Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller


Acoustic sounds like you've never heard before. Something that makes your head turn and keeps your attention when you'd least expect it. Melodies and intricate guitar parts that are like no other. Something new for a change.


Houston area singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and photographer Chelsea Miller inspires crowds of all ages with a variety of songs from a variety of genres. In between intricate finger-picking patterns with sweet soft melodies and melodic tunes, she’ll produce faster more alternative songs that display the incredible highs and lows of her vocal range and the passionate soft to loud volumes she is capable of producing at unexpected moments.
“She sings so effortlessly, it sort of spills out of her… I’ve heard everything from barely making sound where her voice is vibrating just barely enough to get the notes out.. to powerfully belting notes out at the top of her lungs…It seems so easy for her..” – Chris Collins – HAAM Radio Show, KPFT
Originally a pianist/songwriter from the grand age of 9 years old, Chelsea only recently picked up the guitar in 2003. The depth of her songs goes beyond the stories told through her lyrics, but to the intricate interlacing of the vocal parts with the guitar pieces, the random structure that makes sense when it shouldn’t, and the emotion and passion that inspires every note she plays and sings. As for inspiration, it’s obvious that the need to reach out to those around, those who are listening with open hearts and open minds is of great importance. “It’s the feeling that I want people to be able to understand and actually feel my music, listen to what I’m saying and think, “I’ve felt like that before.” Whatever they my be going through, I want them to be able to listen to my songs and feel like the words I’m singing are coming from them...” “Writing is also how you track your life, how you remember. So later on.. I’ll listen to things I’ve written and think “ I remember that day. I remember that moment. Singing these memories brings me back in ways that nothing else could.”
Chelsea received the Grand Honors Female Songwriter award at the 2007 Texas Stars and Guitars Fest.



Written By: Chelsea Miller

Drivin back to Louisiana
My guitar in the back seat
And I feel like im headed towards freedom
Its slowly rainin outside
But my windows are down
Just cant get enough of this rainy breeze
And the water pours down
But that usually hollow sound
Is slowly drivin me around

And I cry Rain Rain
Bring me back to his arms
Pour me out like a river
Next to his heart
Just wash away these months ive spent alone
And drown me like the deepest ocean tide
So I can wake up and look into his blue eyes

Ya know it floods in Louisiana
You can see the water lines
On almost every house and building in new Orleans
And I cry every time
I see those hollow eyes
That speak of so much tragedy
But underneath they burn with a fury and belief
That their city will rise again
That their hearts will someday mend

And they cry rain rain
Help me through the day
Pour me out like a river

Just wash away these memories
That haunt me through my dreams
And drown me just like the deepest ocean tide
So I can wake up to see my city rise

Ya know this world it keeps changing
A little more every day
One step forward two steps back
While so many stay the same
But no matter whos fighting
No matter whos simply surviving
Between you and me, minus colors or beliefs

We’re all the same..

This same ground I feel beneath my feet
This same wind within the air I breathe
This same sun shining down upon me..

We all cry rain rain
This angers so bright
Pour us out like a river
Guide us to the light
Just wash away all this pain and fear
With the strength to look at life just a little bit clearer
And drown us like the deepest ocean tide
No matter the belief or color, sexuality or gender,
No matter where on earth we may reside
Drown us so that one day we can open our eyes..
and all wake up to see this world unite..
Cry for rain..
Just wash away..
Drown us out..
Wake us up..
Come on rain..
Bring me rain…

I Met You

Written By: Chelsea Miller

A year ago.. I sat down
And wrote a note.. to myself
I was afraid.. and so alone..
That life I’d made..
A year spent.. tied to no one..
And so alone..

And with that note.. I let down
All my walls.. and I wrote out
What I’d want if I could have anything
And I wrote what I thought could only wishes bring

I wanna fall in love
Trust someone that much
I wanna lay in bed on a rainy day with someone to touch
I wanna wake up
And drive out of town
And with the windows down and the radio loud
Watch the sun come out..
I never thought my wishes would come true
Til I met you.

A month ago.. we sat down..
On the floor.. in my room..
I watched you draw.. I sang to you..
I read these words I wrote and wondered how I knew

A year before we’d met.. was I writing about me and you?
I looked at you and wondered..
Maybe wishes do come true..

I wanna fall in love..
Trust someone that much..
I wanna lay in bed on a rainy day
With someone to touch..
I wanna wake up..
And drive out of town
And when the sun goes down
Put a blanket on the ground
Watch the stars come out..
I never thought my wishes would come true
Til I met you..
Til I met you..
Til I met you..

Leave Me Alone

Written By: Chelsea Miller

I loved you a long time ago
A part of me you will always hold
Now I’m stuck here trying to forget
The part of you I could never resist

You show up at my door from time to time
Reminding me of what I left behind
For all we couldn’t change eachother
Did you think that we would last forever

Leave me Alone
Stop Comin around
You’re makin it worse when you knock on my door
I want you to know
I had to let go
Oh I wish you’d just leave me alone
Oh I wish you’d just leave me alone..

For all the times I laughed there were two times I’d cry
For every good night there were two we’d fight
And after all this time
I wish you’d just open your eyes

Leave me Alone
Stop Comin around
You’re makin it worse when you knock on my door
I want you to know
I had to let go
Oh I wish you’d just leave me alone
Oh I wish you’d just leave me alone..

When You Call

Written By: Chelsea Miller

In my memory you are an ever pressing dream..
And just as I've forgotten you is when my phone will ring..
As your name unheals these wounds that just started to mend...
Everything I've stored away comes rushing back again..

What is it about you that keeps me on the edge
With just a soft hello my heart jumps from this ledge And although I stay so strong and solid on my own for so long
With just one word I find I falter where I thought I was so strong

When you call I feel me in your arms
Your loving hands your beating heart
The way you hold me every time like you never want to let me go
How you whisper when you think I’m sleeping
Softly when you think I’m dreaming
"Oh how I love you so"
And I wish with all my heart that you knew
Just how much I love you too

From the first I fell in love with you in just an hours time
Though I knew how many hours stood from your city to mine
We could have easily talked about together from the start
But I knew that us so far apart would just slowly break my heart

Now every couple of months or so
you call me up and off I go
’Cuz I’ve forgot how much I hate it when I have to leave
Waiting ‘til you fade from view to cry, so you don’t see
And the lonely nights the tears I cry seem to never end
'Til eventually my memory of you starts fading once again.

And as I drive this time I feel me in your arms again
Your loving hands your beating heart breaking me within
How you'll hold me this time like you'll never let me go
And you'll whisper when you think I’m sleeping
Softly when you think I'm dreaming
"Oh how I love you so'
And maybe this time ill wake up and whisper back to you
"You know I love you too"


Five song acoustic Self-Titled E.P. - released on June 24, 2007. All five tracks currently recieve radio airplay on 90.1 KPFT.

Set List

I can fill any time slot, from a 15 minute set, to a 4-6 hour set. Typically, I do all original pieces, and can fill any large or small time slot with the amount of material I have. I am available to do some instrumental covers, and others to background tracks over a PA.