Chelsey Dickson

Chelsey Dickson


A talented new comer to the business, Chelsey is a force to take note of. This singer/songwriter reaches fans with music that touches on lyrical styles of Alanis Morissette, the edge of Rhianna, and the energy/dance of Beyonce. Innovative, dedicated and driven, Chelsey is what this game needs.


Chelsey has a different approach to the music business. She creates her music with the lyrical depth of Alanis Morissette. Touching on matters that are relatable for all ages around the world. The edge of Rhianna keeps her style new and trend setting in the business. Her energy and dance is comparable to that of Beyonce and she knows how to work a crowd. Performing for many years, Chelsey's passion in life is entertaining an audience. Shy when first met, she evolves into her alter ego, Danika, when the lights shine. Because of her relatable messages, Chelsey's main fan base centers around the tween ages. Fresh, fun, and a future star makes her one of the most highly awaited singer/songwriters to hit the stages.


"Let It Go"

Written By: Chelsey Dickson

V1: Left here all alone
To pick up the pieces of this shattered home
and all these secret lies
left a mask for my disguise

Chorus: I know what your feeling
can't let it take control
sometimes it's just better
to let it all go (Let it go)

V2: Face stained from tears
been left behind for many years.
Felt so betrayed
won't go back to yesterday


Bridge: It's time for you
to forget about the past
and realize that your life isn't that bad.
forget about it it's nothing.
Leave everything-and take nothing
bare just your soul- and take control.
And let it go (Let it go)

(chorus 2x)