Chelsey Scott

Chelsey Scott



There are quiet places that speak their own language, like dusty attics that creak in slow rhythms of the wind or overgrown paths where insects live as princes.

If you sit in one of these places long enough and quiet enough, the dialects can become as familiar as your fingers. Years later you'll tell a friend about these secret languages, and it'll probably come out in the cadence that these quiet spaces speak.

Chelsey Scott writes songs that flitter about in these secrets places. With a voice grown old in the Kentucky hills, Scott is a weathered pocket watch in a self-winding world, and her songs weave guitar strings over a loom of emptiness and silence creating memories that feel so familiar. Always restless, Scott tugs on her country and folk roots while tiptoeing into the world of indie music.

Scott's shows, when you can manage to catch one in Nashville, incorporate a rotating cast of Nashville names who surround her acoustic guitar in a bed of banjo or accordion or trumpet or hand saw. Her recent release, The Little Boat EP, can be purchased from iTunes.

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Written By: Chelsey Scott

I Go Just Fine

Written By: Chelsey Scott

Once I thought I was in the circus
and I took my feet out on a limb
Found there was nothing there to hold me
Brought my feet back in again

Once I thought i was in the circus
Took my body out on a wire
Thought there was a net down there below me
Found out it was only fire.

Oh, I go just fine, yes, i go just fine
I'm not trusting you this time.

Once I thought I was in the circus
Got all dressed up just to make you smile
Found the whole place gone and abondoned
and I have been waiting all this while


Once I thought I was in that circus, I braved the beasts and I braved the bears
Just to see if you were watching
Babe, that's the only time you stared


The Well

Written By: Chelsey Scott

Walk through the grass my dear one


Debut EP 'the little boat Ep'