Chemical Addiction

Chemical Addiction

 Palmetto, Florida, USA
BandEDMNew Age

A musical journey of the Mind and Soul, Music without Boundaries or Rules. Music that is not what others say it should be but what I think it is. Twisted, Demented, Happy, Sad and Soothing to the Soul.


The music of Chemical Addiction is very personal and comes from deep within my soul, I translate 40 plus years of personal experiences from my life into my music, things that I have seen and done, future worlds, people that I have come across through the years. My music is not based on notes and training but on feeling, soul and state of mind. The music is a journey of my life, that is always going in new directions. My influences are many, Pink Floyd, George Clinton, ELO, Art of Noise, Kraftwerk, Toby Keith, James Brown, ABBA, The Crystal Method, BT, just to name a few. The music of Chemical Addiction is different from others because I am not a trained musician just someone that loves music and wanted to translate my personal experiences through sound. I was born in Nebraska raised in Florida, served in the Army in Germany during the 80's, went back to Florida in the 90's lived in Germany from 2002-2007 and reside in Palmetto, Florida now. I am a self taught musician that has always loved what is different and not the norm.


Erotix "Fallout Shelter".

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I do not tour at the present time.