Chemical Armor

Chemical Armor

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Female fronted hard rock/alt band with a lot of energy! Think heavy sounds with a cross between PJ Harvey and Mike Patton vocals. Come and connect x//x


Hailing from the side streets of Los Angeles, between the dirt and grind, comes a 5 piece female fronted rock band called Chemical Armor. The band- Leah Page, Vocals and Lyrics; Graham Floro, Guitar; Josh Vego, Guitar; Marco Morselli, Drums- creates songs with an undeniable fusion of guns and grace. With heavy riffs and unapologetic truths, Chemical Armor bleeds the energy of beauty and pain behind every note.
With subject matter ranging from abuse to love and love lost, addiction, and the quest for something more, Leah Page pours out her emotions with the rawness of fresh and old wounds into each track, delivering soft and whispery echoes of voice, with a controlled roughness of heavy belts, attributed to her Opera training.
Graham and Josh create a torrent of distortion with underlying layers of melody and climatic release, reacting and feeding off each other in every progression and measure as one.
Marco drums with the passion of his Italian roots. His heavy hitting and precise double bass use add pulse and volume to their already dynamic symphony of organized chaos.
Chemical Armor comes fully loaded with infectious hooks, accessible melodies and anthems that relate to people from all molds of life. Bridging the gap between Meta, Hardcore, Rap and Trip-Hop, Chemical Armor creates a sound uniquely their own, with a focus on paving the road ahead.


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