Chemical Youth

Chemical Youth

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Psychedelic Metal for the Modern Mind


Inspired by the progressive metal movement of the last three decades, Chemical Youth has emerged as a powerful reminder that this genre of music has become a cornerstone to the modern metal subculture. Chemical Youth crafts intense, driving and thought provoking heavy metal music. Melodic yet haunting guitar work is accented by a solid rhythm section and a focused and often fierce voice.


With over three years hiatus, the forthcoming album: To The Edge of Within promises to be a powerful and insightful look into the depths of the human mind...the passions, the struggles and the victories of the human spirit.

Set List

WanderLust: 3 mins
Crucial Fire: 5.5 Mins
Despair is My Name: 6 Mins
Beaten Down: 6 Mins
Under my Skin: 5 Mins
Time Machine: 7 Mins
Wind of a New Day: 6 Mins
Angel of Mind: 7 Mins

Additional Original Songs are added to longer Sets up to 1.5 hours of live original Music.