Chemistry Class

Chemistry Class


The lovechild of west coast punk rock and 60's folk rock fused with lyrical poetry.


Thrown together to make icky pop music for a webseries, Michelle and Rex eventually started thinking outside the box. When the series was canceled, they decided to keep playing around and embarked on a fusion of their musical roots, his in west coast punk and hers in east coast folk. They added a bassist and Chemistry Class was on their way to the recording studio! As a band, chemistry class likes to collaborate as much as possible and breaks the clich├ęd idea of the singer/songwriter with the backing band that we see so much of in the industry. They strive to get back to where the music started, in someone's livingroom, hearing the ticking of the clock on the wall and the opening hinge of the door burst into the purging of emotions and sound. Mostly, they create songs that they themselves would love to listen to and hope to hear on the radio.


We're currently finishing our first EP, "In Session." See our new music video under "videos"!

Set List

The Feet Song
Only you
Without you
Be Gone
Heart Art
Counting on you-Tom Petty
One more day, one more night-Tom Petty

Our set is usually about 40 min but can be shortened or extended.