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Well I'm young. Making moves and trying to get my tour together!


Well Chemo Born Austin Taylor was born to a single parent home to his mother and brother.His male role model growing up was his brother. Austin first picked up a mic when he was 4 years old. Performed at his firswt show at 6. Chemo Met another rapper named Eric(eWreck Of THC) In Middle school while attending W.H. Atwell Middle school in Oak Cliff,Texas. They became friends and then partners Chemo then moved to arlington making it hard for the group to make music together. Chemo has met major people and is currently working on his tour "Around N About".


12 Gage Pump

Written By: ChemoOfTHC

Just Wanna Say To All My Fans ya'll apart of me/
They dont wanna start with me/
Just Simply cus im hard 2 beat
I am winning streak
I smell the sweet smell of victory
Warning to da haters caution riding with tha heat
Yea dae see me in da street
Jockers try n be me
But They are just impartialy,particaly,Partial
Got Dat dat 12 Gauge dat'll make em lose dey artery
messin up dae cartilage.
Dae aint ready 4 da heat
Using a trojan like a sparta be
up in a 300c with a choppa rite up unda me
ridin with 100 thousand and a 100 pounds of extacy
flowin while im swervin im just tryin to keep da melody
candy paint drippin wet like da open sea
dae got me at tha top yeah dats where im supposed to be.
trappin wit lil eric see sellin bout 100 keys. and a couple pounds of weed dro got me high like mountain peak
Got mo buzz
than bee
got love out in tennessee
but i gotta run da streets
all off in da durty d


Currently working on Work Dem Legs remix with KbZo

Set List

KbZo. Trying to contact Dorrough for a feature. Tum Tum and many more.