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We exaggerate music to make it fun and hip, MasViet style.


Close friends with families became closer friends because of the love of making music and inspiring music to the children, thus the band was formed on August 25th, 2012. As the band came about to writing songs, we felt we were moving towards the classic hard rock genre. And as the majority of the band are Vietnamese, most of the songs we composed are in Vietnamese.

We have some covers by bands such as Buc Tuong (The Wall), Microwave, Quái V?t Tí Hon (Little Monster) and Unlimited. Our influences are mostly 70s and 80s classic rock like Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Skidrow, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Queen, Scorpion, Poison, etc.

Gigs played:
1. AMG JamFest 2012

2. New Year Celebration @ Vietnam Embassy in Singapore

Our band was featured in VTV (Vietnam Television) News.


Thang xo?n (The Spiral Stairs)

Written By: Chém Zó

Khi bu?c trên b?c thang, nh?ng ti?ng v?ng l?p l?i là t? bàn chân c?a chúng ta.
As we climb, the repetition echoes from our feet.

Nh?ng hòn dá va ch?m, t?o nên nh?ng n?t trong d?an ng?t âm ? m?i b?n nh?c.
The stones knocking, making notes in staccato in a music piece,

? dó là s? cân b?ng trong nh?ng du?ng xo?n, hòa di?u gi?a m?i l?p.
There's balance in the spirals, harmony between each layer,

Gi?ng nh?n ? d?an cu?i, tang d?n lên cao tan vào không gian.
The emphasis on finale, ascending high into the air.

Pre chorus
Chúng ta quá quen thu?c v?i cu?c s?ng chuy?n d?ng nhanh và ích k?
We are the virtuosity of our fast moving, ego-centric life,

Không bao gi? nhìn l?i phiá sau, ch? nhìn phía tru?c bon chen
Never do we look back, only to the front we strife,

Ban ngày d?y là cám d?
By day it’s a temptation,

Ðêm xu?ng dó là cái b?y
By night it’s a deception,

Không bao gi? di m?t mình hay sóng dôi
Never walk alone or in pairs,

B?n có th? s? b? ngã xu?ng b?c th?p nh?t c?a cái c?u thang xo?n kia.
You’ll end up below the spiral stairs.

Quay vòng tròn
Turning round and round,

Gi? d?n hoi th? cu?i cùng
Holding on to the endless breath,

M?t ti?ng v?ng cho m?i âm thanh,
An echo to every sound,

Nh?ng gi?c mo vô h?n c?a s? giàu sang.
Infinite dreams to countless wealth


1. Thang Xoan (The Spiral Stairs)

2. Ngày sinh (Birth of A Newborn)

Set List

Thang xo?n (The Spiral Stairs)
Ngày sinh (Birth of A Newborn)
Nh?y và roi (Jump and Fall)
Sáng Valentine (Valentine's Morning)