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Written By: Che'nelle

i can be your girl,
i can be your friend,
i can be your benefit,
we can even fall in love

i can be your bub,
when we're at the club
i can be your shorty
in the hood or in the burbs

verse 1
how much time do we spend together everyday, after work on the weekends we'll be chilling
calling eachother up more then once a day so unneccesary, and it's turned into such a crazy habit

what you doin boy, what you girl, waht u doin later, what u cookin girl

our conversations has turned into an addiction, and we won't admit it, can't get enough of it..


verse 2

talk talk talk talk talkin, we'll be up on the phone 'til 7 in the mornin, theres been so many moments where we nearly hit it off, it could be temporary, either way we'll still be homies..

what u doin girl, what u doin boy
wanna hook up get a feed lets see whats on HBO

i've never been so comfortable like me and u,
and we show it, act like we don't know it..


question.. have i ever crossed your mind to be your woman, i'm just curious hmm
question.. do u ever think that maybe this connection, is an attraction
think about it, have u thought about it.. (lol)
you know what just forget, so what time we're on
should we hit the mall
this is just how we do it

i can be your everything..


anythin 4 u

Written By: che'nelle


i'll do anythin, anythin 4 u
just to see u smile i'll never make u cry
i'll do anythin, anythin 4 u
be your pride and joy
i'll never hurt u boy

verse 1

the way i wear my hair
the way i make u stare
way i get u all nervous, wearin my lingire
i see stars in your eyes
when u get a suprise like when i make u breakfast
in the mornin time


right after work i know your real tired
i make sure your comfortable
like i did through these
and when times are rough
u get a lil impatient
but i sooth u where its sore
to keep u coming back for more



oh lovin u feels like a first kiss
being with u is my dream come true
and thats why..
i'll do anythin.. 4 u..