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Urban Evangelism. Anointed lyrics that relate and move. Real Life, now topics for the Streets, Churches and Real World.


In an urban market where a criminal rap sheet, drug use and street life is used as a form of creditability, and in many cases, a route to fame and money, Cheno Lyfe (Christ Hearted Evangelist Now Offering Lyfe) is changing the standard and in the process affecting a generation.

Born November 3, 1980 in Brooklyn, NY., Rameses "Cheno Lyfe" Echevarria, is a remarkable story. After moving to Miami shortly after his birth, CL soaked up everything the streets of Miami where flooded with… crime, violence, and many other ways of living led to CL spending major parts of his life incarcerated. It was there, behind those metal bars that his musical passion, talent and most importantly God, became his way out. Now more than 5 years after his release, CL's vision is to redirect a generation away from the path of failure and destruction, to a life of freedom and dreams. A heart for a lost city, CL's motto is "A wise man learns from his mistakes, a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others”. Using his new found talent to affect his city, Cheno Lyfe is one of the industry’s most versatile artists, with his unique Miami Style and Down South Crunk.

This is evident in his first album. In a city known for marquee names such as DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, a man stands completely against the grain...Cheno Lyfe. Winner of the 2008 MIM (Miami Music Conference) embarks on his debut studio album entitled “HOME”. From the first record, a glimpse into CL’s heart is quickly seen as he intros the album with the burden that encompasses the project...his HOME! The hit singles "HOME" & "Won’t Stop" have already encouraged many as countless testimonies have come forth. Listeners are left with a powerful message embedded in their hearts. CL’s unique Miami style and down south crunk make HOME an instant “none skip”. With ground breaking productions by G Roc of The Beat Mekanicz, G Styles, Juice 2020, to name a few. Varying from club bangers to crunk, east coast to even a slow rock worship record, the album has a commercial appeal for all. Collaborations include the Dove Award winning Pablo from Group One Crew, KDrama, DMaub, Rhema Soul, Gnotes, and more. With over 1000 pre orders already, HOME is a breath of fresh air in the industry!


D WADE ON EM - Exclusive Remix
The Mission Mixtape
Da TakeBack Series 1 & 1.5 (EP)
LP Break Thru (LP) ( Transformed)
The Surrender- Joe Justiz (I Wanna Be)

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Set List

30 Mins.
Up in The Air
Gotta be Me
Wont Stop