Cheri Anderson

Cheri Anderson

 Palo Alto, California, USA

Cheri "Note" Anderson is a one-of-a-kind jazz song stylist who creates and performs songs that resonate "down to the bone", offering soulful music that features inspirational lyrics, funky rhythms, and melodic undertones she delivers passionately!


Cheri performs "feel good" jazz, and rhythm/blues, in a range that reaches five octaves!  Expressing her passion of singing positive lyrics that speak of “Love”, with jazz music in the background, Cheri has found her niche, calling it "Jazzin' the Spirit"!  Classic songs such as Get Happy, Fly Me To The Moon, and Nature Boy, combined with Cheri’s musings about life are how she enlightens her audience, leaving them with warm memories long after the show is over!

Recently moving to the San Francisco Bay Area from southern California, Cheri has hit the street running, performing at venues such as The Rrazz Room, Yoshi’s, 57th Street Art Gallery, and Trader Vic’s, to name a few. She hires an all-Female Combo to perform with and together they are rocking the Bay Area!   

Her sound has been described as silky smooth and is comparable to Sarah Vaughn or Phyllis Hyman.  Her style brings to mind Nancy Wilson.  Cheri blends all of it adding her own, unique touch to every song she sings.

Having experience in various groups as Front Artist, she has opened for such icons as Nancy Wilson, Maxi Priest, Phil Perry, and E.W.F.  She has also performed with Benny Maupin of "Head Hunters" fame, and has jammed with Roy Ayers. Cheri’s performances have taken her nation-wide!  

Songs from her latest cd, “Notes From Cheri” combine Cheri’s originals and Jazz standards that are played on KKUP, KPOO, KPFA, and KWMR radio, along with iTunes, Amazon, and cdBaby.  

Cheri has been interviewed by DJ Marilyn Fowler of KPOO Radio, Afryka Jamal Davys of KKUP radio, and by Grey Shepherd of KWMR Radio.  She has been recognized in the Mercury News Pop Culture Classics as a “feel good” Jazz Vocal Stylist by Reporter, Paul Freeman.



Written By: Cheri Anderson

Oh, I aspire to be the best I can be each day I know I'm on my way, I know I'm on my way, I know I'm on my way

I can do it if I try, that's my motto in this life and I live to be free, free of negativity but sometimes it's hard, each day, little steps take me far I listen, listen to my Guide, in my heart, in my soul, and in my mind

Oh, I aspire to be the best I can be each day I know I'm on my way, I know I'm on my way, I know I'm on my way

When I stay with it I can see my dreams Divine timing is more fulfilling Recognize blessings, and the miracle set before me Things happen for a reason, good or bad it's a season in preparation, for each day, when I say, I have success cause I've done my best

Going farther, going higher, getting better I aspire, Going farther, going higher, getting better I aspire

My Hood

Written By: Cheri Anderson

Sometimes you just have to get out and move
I'm walking, walking in my neighborhood you see I'm walking, walking in hood

I'm gonna hit the streets I'm walking, walking, in my hood
I'm gonna relieve stress I'm walking, walking, in my hood
I'm feeling more at ease I'm walking, walking
And I'm feeling the breeze

See the kids play I'm walking, waving
I've got a good pace I'm walking in rhythm
And I'm feeling so free!


Hear the birds sing I'm walking, walking
This is me and I'm happy, walking in my hood!


2015 - Notes From Cheri


My Hood

Each Day

When I Fall In Love

Christmas By the Bay

Marlo's Song (It's All Right)

Set List

I perform a 60 -90 minute show singing 10 - 15 songs. I perform to tracks as well as with a trio or quartet.

Set List:

Let The Good Times Roll
Marlo's Song (original)
Aspire (original)
Feeling Good
My One and Only Love
Get Happy
Each Day (original)
Jazzin' The Spirit (original)
Sunnyside of the Street
Feeling Good
Fly Me To The Moon
When I Fall In Love
Girl From Ipanema
Route 66
In A Mellow Tone
Each Day (original)
The Glory of Love