Cherie Lassiter

Cherie Lassiter

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

A rich blend of Celtic and American folk/pop done in the haunting style of Stevie Nicks and Loreena McKennitt, this Siren of the airwaves with her angelic voice and soulful songwriting ranges from rocking you gently to stormy passion from a woman's heart.


Mystical and magical, earthy and sensual, Cherie's style is somewhere in between worlds and genres. Influenced by seventies singer/songwriters as well as celtic folk music, this artist and her music "blend an enchanting sound that is rarely heard" says one reviewer of her debut Cd, Heart Shadows.
She has just released her newest album, Kiss Of Eden which is full of passion, vulnerability and emotional truth. This rock/pop/techno folk fusion album stands alone and independent, beautiful and raw in it's depth and it's simplicity.
Cherie was selected to Showcase at the MidAtlantic Music Conference in Charlotte, NC in the recent past where she met musicians and Industry people from all over the country and was well recieved by industry and audience alike.
Cherie was recently interviewed on Sirius Satellite radio with host, Carolyn Craft about her Cd, music and life. It premiered on Sirius and Lime radio along with tracks from Heart Shadows August 17th 2006 and is being re-aired in Encore shows weekly.
The track, Dancing With Dragons made #16 on the folk charts on American Idol Underground radio and Cherie is currently Spotlight Artist for Circle of Souls internet radio. Along with digital distribution in over 50 companies, Cherie continues to recieve national and international success with Heart Shadows while she prepares to record new material of a more folk/pop style. Perfoming live shows solo and with other musicians, she has been featured on Clear Channel radio, television and writes a music review column for Inner Change magazine.
Popular among the celtic music fans, Cherie crosses over into adult contemporary and folk/pop where she has been compared to Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks and Cheryl Crow. " Cherie's angelic voice" is " a strong spirit in the dance of music." Her etheric voice and well crafted songs are spellbinding with a vulnerable quality that touches the heart and soul.


Kiss of Eden

Written By: Cherie Lassiter

You are wider than the sky
You are deeper than the sea
I still try...I can't tell you why
If you can't find your way to me

You are mystifying
You are electrifying
You are hardly trying
I am slowly dying
For a Kiss from Eden
In this dark night dreaming
Turn on the light so you can see
To find your way to me

You are closer than the sun on a hot summer day'
You shine like the brightest star
but you're just as far away

You are mystifying
You're electrifying
You are hardly trying
I am slowly dying
For a Kiss from Eden
In this dark night dreaming
Turn on the light so you can see

Broken Wing

Written By: Cherie Lassiter

I am out of inspiration since you're gone
Life goes on.....gotta move on
But I've looked from all the angles
Still I see
My hearts not free
You're the one for me

Life can be so damned ironic
And love can set you free
Then cage you like a songbird singing
About your Broken Wing

Life is full of changes this I know
It helps us grow
Yea but even so
There is whispering in the corners of my mind
Saying all is fine
It's only time

Life can be so damned ironic
How love can set you free
But cage you like a songbird singing
Bout your Broken Wing


Written By: Cherie Lassiter and Rick Lassiter

I am Lorelei, come lie with me
Pearls of love I will give to thee
like waves upon the deep,dark sea
We'll ride

Sailor, do you hear the sound
That makes you want to turn around
And pulls you in
Like the moon
Upon the tide

I am Lorelei
The Siren sings
haunted dreams
I am Lorelei
The Siren sings
I am Lorelei
The mermaid calls
you're hynotized
I am Lorelei
You're hypnotized as waves
rise and fall


Her newest release, Kiss of Eden is just now finding it's way "out there" and is very different from her last solo album, Heart Shadows. It is very eclectic ranging from rock to pop to folk to jazz. Each song is in a league of it's own. It is produced by Philip Van Kampen of Baby Britain and is passionate,vulnerable, truthful and from the heart.

Heart Shadows- Her first solo album which is of a celtic/new age/folk genre.

featured vocalist on: Daughters of the Acoustic Revolution by Rick Brockner
back up vocalist for singer/songwriter Joyce Bowden on her solo project, "Jolie"
Streaming radio airplay on Circle of Souls, and American Idol Underground
Sirius Sattelite radio, station 114 on the Waking Up with Carolyn Craft radio show

Set List

Set list includes 80% original tunes as well as alot of seventies covers of Neil Young, Linda Rondstadt, Stevie Nicks and Jackson Browne, to name a few.
Sets are 45min. to an hour long and can go for over 2 hours. Has played for over 2 hours straight with no break and still going strong.