Cherie Pyne

Cherie Pyne


Cherie Pyne is darkly funny and charmingly awkward on stage, but it is her heartbreaking, vulnerable, potent songwriting that will bear-trap you in a music crush. Armed with hollow-body electric, an array of pedals and the warmest of tube amps, her voice marries PJ Harvey, Scout Niblett + Cat Power.


Newfoundland native Cherie Pyne lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Pyne's first band was "pansycore" punk band Her Majesty's Secret Cervix. She later joined experimental psych punk band The Peep-holes as a singer/guitarist, and sang on the various solo projects of prolific songwriter Danny Keating. Short-term NL projects included queercore group The Literally Gay and a 2-piece bass and drums project called Birds. In Montreal, Cherie played accordion, saxophone and guitar in Harbourcoats, the solo project of Constantines' front man Bryan Webb, and is a singer/guitarist in psych-rock band Ledges Blast (formerly known as Gardens of Heat), who in 2011 released their debut album 'I Know You're Out There In The Long Light' and toured New England sharing the stage with bands including Talk Normal, US Girls, and Mirror/Dash (Kim Gordon/Thurston Moore).

As well as co-creating what may have been the first Rock School for Girls in Canada in St. John's in 2002, Pyne toured to Labrador to lead a Rock School for Girls in 2007 and has been a committed volunteer band coach with Montreal Rock Camp for Girls since its formation in 2009. Currently she is writing a new solo album, planning a doom/no wave band to start in September 2012, and composing for playwright Ruth Lawrence's new work 'Big In Myself'.


Pyne has released 3 solo project albums: 'Slippery Rabbits', a 2005 EP co-produced with Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck; 'Little Springboard' co-produced in 2006 with Jon Hynes of Trailer Camp / Hidden Cameras; and 'La Marée Noire' (The Black Tide), co-produced in 2008 with Matthew J Thomson. In 2011 Pyne and Thomson were nominated for a Genie Award for Best Original Song for 'Tender Steps (No Hero's Parade)', a song commissioned for the Canadian feature film Crackie.