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"Cherine Interview by Stan Smith"

Cherine Anderson is an accomplished young lady despite her age. As an actress, Anderson starred in two feature films, Dance Hall Queen with Paul Campbell and Audrey Reid and the Rasta/Christian love story, One Love with Kymani Marley. A college graduate, Cherine speaks Japanese. We can now add singer to her resume. .

Cherine, the sexy siren, is intelligent, ambitious and driven. She is part of a new crop of Jamaican female performers like Tammi Chyn, her sister Tessann Chin, Kris Kelli, Brick and Lace, Calibe, Alaine, Etana, Devine Brown and Jovi Rockwell, to name a few who are expanding the frontiers for female entertainers in Jamaican music, where females are sorely underrepresented, by carrying the baton with veterans like Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw, Marcia Griffith, Diana King, Patra, Grace Jones, JC Lodge and Nadine Sutherland.

With several singles currently riding the international airwaves including “Come Over Tonight” with DJ Chuck Fenda and “Good Love”, (Jimmy Riley’s Love and Devotion rhythm) on VP Records 2007, Strictly the Best Singers, Vol. 36 and under the musical guidance of Sly Dunbar and Robbie and astute management this mocha chocolate beauty is set to take the world by storm as one of Jamaica’s great export to the world in the entertainment as a singer and actress.

I talked with Cherine about balancing her twin careers, singing and acting, and her impression of the music business.

SS.How long have you been singing professionally?

CA: I have been singing professionally for about 10 yrs. I started early with the Ashe performing group.

SS: Who were your major influences, internationally and locally?

CA:I am inspired by many artists such as Chevelle Franklyn and Lauryn Hill, Marcia Griffiths, Whitney Houston, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Prince, …too many to mention. I do also listen to a lot of female dj’s like Lady Saw and Tanya Stephens.

SS: How would you describe your music, which genre best describes your sound?

CA: I call my music “Dancehall Soul”. My sound is a hybrid of all the things that have inspired me. I have influences from roots reggae, dancehall, R&B, soul to gospel. So it’s an eclectic soulful sound that is more anchored in my Caribbean dancehall culture. Behind the beat is a message which incorporates the grittiness of my past with the sweetness of things that I have been exposed to.

SS: What are some of the obstacles you as a female artist have encountered in your career?

CA: I find that I have a very strong personality so I see obstacles as opportunities. While others have complained about shifty producers who have ulterior motives. I generally state from the door what I am about, I am here to work. Additionally I think I’ve been protected to a certain extent by having a no–nonsense manager as well as Sly Dunbar as a mentor, people are generally introduced to my talent before they even see my face…so it makes for better work and business relations. I have to say, I would have it no other way.

SS: Did you think your gender plays a part in helping or advancing your career?

CA: Historically, females have not had the level of success that males have had in the business so I do not think being female advances one career, especially in reggae. However, I think times are changing and with the commercial success of Sean (Paul) and Shaggy added to the collaborations between reggae/dancehall artist with R&B and Hip Hop artist, the international market seems a little more open to an evolving sound of reggae/dancehall that they can understand. Additionally, we have seen the emergence of many young female artists in the reggae/dancehall world in the last three years, most of who make music with R&B flair. Some artists have even been signed and plans are in place to market them in more than just reggae markets in Europe and Asia…but I think being female in reggae if anything at this point is a handicap. We have a lot of ground to break. We have to stay focus on making great music, creating HITS period and not depending on good looks.

SS: Do you think that radio, TV and the concert stage offer the female artist the same opportunities to be seen and heard as your male peers in reggae?

CA: Well I can only speak for myself. I think if you truly have talent, good songs and a smart team behind you promoters will give you the opportunity. Most Jamaican promoters won’t refuse a woman a chance to showcase on local stage. I would go as far to say they will take the chance internationally too (In my case UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival 2006). Also when you get the opportunity you simply must deliver. We can’t expect to be babied because entertainment is a business. So far I have been blessed to grace the stages of Reggae Sum fest 2006 (International Night), Reggae on the River (opening for Sly & Robbie), International Reggae Day and Sting Miami and I am still considered an emerging artist. I think the key is making sure you deliver and work on engaging your au -

"Various Soundbites on Cherine"

Hollywood Bowl Hollywood, California
Capacity 17,000 +
By: Steve Mirkin
“Another singer, Cherine Anderson, nearly stole the show. The Jamaican beauty is another in the long line of fine vocalists who have recorded for the Taxi label; her sweet yet authoritative voice
lends a maternal comfort to Marley's "Redemption Song," her recently recorded "Kingston State of Mind" and the gospel standard "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

Redmond, Washington
By: Nicole Kristek
“…Cherine Anderson, who showed off her range and power with slow "diva"-style vocals mixed over reggae beats. A bit reminiscent of Lauryn Hill but with more funk to her voice, we found her to be
extremely charismatic, weaving her sultry way across the stage.”

Legendary musician, Sly & Robbie
“Cherine is the real deal. A truly strong vocalist on hardcore reggae riddims with the ability and potential to surpass Jamaican audiences to reach the masses.”

UCLA Jazz & Reggae Festival Hollywood, California
Capacity: 10,000+
By: Jamie Bender
“Even without a backing band, Dancehall Queen and One Love star, unloaded a musical set that vouched for her vocal and acting talent…”

Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC Canada
By: Chris Little
“Finally, the emergence of Anderson for the final 40 minutes of the show took the spotlight away from Sly & Robbie and their guitar player/ad-hoc vocalist. Young, beautiful and assertive, the multi-
talented performer commanded the stage with her powerful voice, inviting more than one comparison to a young Lauryn Hill. After impressing the crowd by singing over classic reggae rhythms like
the Soul Vendors’ “Real Rock,” she ended the night with an entertaining rendition of her Jamaican chart hit “Coming Over Tonight,” proving that the fusion of classic and modern sounds championed
by the tour could be formula for continued success.”
National Daily Newspaper
By: Basil Walters
“Cherine Anderson oozes the kind of confidence and eye-catching charm that echoes her win ability in a creative endeavor that has often proven unkind to the female of the species. This dancehall
"soulstress," who is of the view that the music world needs to hear more reggae/dancehall from a female's perspective, is smoothly sailing to the forefront of her game. If there is one dancehall act
(irrespective of gender) who is on a roll at this juncture, it's Cherine Anderson.”

Bicentenial Park Miami, Florida, USA
By: Evelyn McDonnell
“Singer Cherine Anderson, a Jamaican film star, mixed neo-soul and reggae well. She was a highlight of a segment of the festival that segregated most of the female artist….”

Coral Springs, Florida
By: Cecelia Campbell -Livingston
“ A dapperly dressed Cherine Anderson sauntered onstage and like a siren, she teased tantalized and made the connection with the crowd…when she drew her mega hit “Coming Over Tonight”, it
garnered her an overwhelming response.”

By: Martin Wong
“Cherine Anderson had the full package, with an amazing voice and stage presence. She came out with "Redemption Song" and pretty much killed it through the remainder of the set. Is she a star

Austin, Texas
By: Peggy Simmons
Which band are you most excited about seeing? (#1 on Top 10 List) Cherine Anderson (South by Southwest Festival performance at Flamingo Cantina). I’ve heard a lot of great things about this
lady; she has it all going on! Songwriting, vocal range, passion, she’s worked with a ton of big names – just check out the scoop on her site and I think you’ll know why this is a must see show.”
- Various Publications

"Reggae Forums and Fans Sound Off"
Beautiful show. Magnificent. I also got the opportunity to watch the young girl - Cherine. She locked the show, she looked stunning. We need to get ready to crown the queen of Reggae. Is she Bob Marley's child?? Sly and Robbie, sell off. Great performance. We need more talent like yours.
Cherine Anderson was freaking phenomenal. That chick has a huge career ahead of her. Got the chance to see her again after Reggae Rising at the Hollywood Bowl about one week later and she blew the audience away ( I am impressed that a virtually unknown act could command 17,000 people like that ).
Yeah, when Cherine Anderson sang "Redemption song" it really moved me which is rare, it even brought a tear to my eye. She did steal the show.
-Rhythmnwize (Hollywood Bowl)
Sly & Robbie absolutely killed it with a nice live dub set. Cherine Anderson was amazing -- what a voice and she is absolutely gorgeous, too.
-Rastaman Vibration - Various


2009 - The Introduction Dubstyle EP



In our modern day parade of glamour, glitz and unmerited superstardom, Cherine Anderson has taken today’s road less traveled; the path of paying dues,
cultivating her abilities and developing her signature Dancehall Soul sound; a mixture of reggae, dancehall, soul and r&b. After the past two years of constant
work by the songstress, the name Cherine Anderson has become synonymous with several titles: chart topping and award winning singer, thought provoking
songwriter, award winning actress, music video director, magazine cover model, dynamic stage performer, vibrant collaborator and fashion forward stylista.
The Beginning
Cherine was born in Rockfort, East Kingston, Jamaica to parents Derryck and Barbara Anderson. Her parents immersed Cherine and her two older sisters in
church activities, determined to keep them off the unstable streets. It was in church that her musical talents were discovered. Cherine explains, “It wasn’t so
much the message in the church songs that appealed to me at first…it was the passion and strength of peoples’ voices.” Cherine received professional
training in music, dance and theatre at age 12 when she became a touring member of the Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble, one of the Caribbean’s most
successful performance companies.
In The Movies
At age 14, Cherine’s formal professional career began when she starred in one of Jamaica’s most successful films, Dancehall Queen. In 2003, Cherine
combined her two loves, singing and acting, starring in the film One Love. Her voice lent two heartfelt songs to the film’s soundtrack, and her acting talents
earned her the MTV2/Urbanworld Film Festival Award for Best Actress in a Feature Film. Anderson returned to acting in 2007 to star in MTV Tempo’s
interactive drama Choices.
Beauty AND Brains
Not only does this young lady possess talent, beauty and class, Cherine is a highly educated, intelligent young woman as well. Graduating with honors from
prestigious Middlebury College with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Music and a minor in Japanese Language and Literature, Cherine continuously raises the
bar for herself in every aspect of her life. She even studied abroad for a year at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. During her college career, her passion and
dedication to her craft led her to acquire numerous internships at entertainment companies including MTV Networks, Interscope Records and the Chris
Blackwell owned Palm Pictures and Palm Records.
The Big Time
For an artist who has yet to drop her debut album, Cherine has had the opportunity to appear alongside some of the world’s biggest artists. Cherine has been
featured on the official remixes for Madonna (“Give It 2 Me”), Britney Spears (“Piece of Me”) and Sir Paul McCartney (“Nod Your Head”). She has also
collaborated with Wyclef Jean for her upcoming album, and she performed with Wyclef to over 7,000 fans in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Cherine was also
chosen by prolific singer/activist Michael Franti to be featured on the new Franti and Spearhead album All Rebel Rockers (September, 2008). Anderson co-
wrote and sings on three songs on the project, the band’s highest charted album in their history (entered #39 on Billboard’s Hot 200 album chart). Their first
single “Say Hey (I Love You)”, featuring Cherine, is garnering positive radio rotation, and is being used for advertising by outlets including E! Entertainment
and the CW Networks. Cherine also made her US television debut, appearing with Franti and Spearhead performing “Say Hey (I Love You)” on the popular
CBS program The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Giving Reggae Some Good Love
Cherine’s formal introduction as a singer/songwriter came in the form of “Good Love”; a soul filled lover’s rock tune produced by the legendary Sly & Robbie.
“Good Love” peaked at #2 on the South Florida reggae charts and also appeared on Sly & Robbie’s Grammy nominated album Anniversary. The follow up
was “Coming Over Tonight”, a duet with Chuck Fenda which gave Cherine her first #1 song and video. After two love songs, Anderson showed her flex as a
serious songwriter with “Kingston State of Mind”, dealing with the volatile political and economic climates in Jamaica. Cherine directed the video for “Kingston
State of Mind”, which peaked at #1 on MTV Tempo and other video programs. The lyrical depth of “Kingston State of Mind” also pointed Skywritings
Magazine, (the inflight magazine of Air Jamaica), to Cherine. Skywritings chose the 5’3” beauty as their feature artist and cover model for their annual Music
Issue in the summer of 2008, putting her in the esteemed company of former Music Issue cover artists Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. Her next
single and video, “You & Me Against the World”, demonstrated the singer’s vocal prowess and exquisite fashions. After a series of successful singles,
Anderson’s team made a bold move, decidi