Cher Lynn Bragg

Cher Lynn Bragg


If witty, thought provoking songs are your cup of tea, then you will fall hard for this singer/songwriter from Northwest Florida. Cher Lynn is a fresh new country artist whose songwriting stands out among all of the cookie cutter music that is getting radio airplay today. Give her a listen.


“I was standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona—such a fine sight to see.”
–The Eagles

Glenn Frey may have been making a joke when he wrote those infamous lyrics, but a little five year old blonde-headed blue-eyed girl in Statesboro, Georgia wasn’t joking when she would proudly belt those words out for anyone who would listen. That little girl, Cher Lynn, was born in Winslow Arizona, and being connected to that song helped carve the path she would ultimately take—becoming a singer and a songwriter. Cher Lynn’s love of music began before she could walk. “Mom always made sure there was great music playing in our house. I had an appreciation for the good stuff--Warren Zevon, Leo Kottke, Bonnie Raitt, Rod Stewart, Marshall Tucker, Allman Bros, Ry Cooder, Joan Baez and Little Feat. There was always such a diverse collection of music blaring from the turntable in the living room--from blues to bluegrass, folk to just plain good old rock-n-roll.”

She picked up the guitar at age twelve and began to emulate her idols, Bonnie Raitt, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. “I remember Mom had Linda Ronstadt’s album Prisoner In Disguise. It was a double album that opened up like a book, and I would stare for hours at the pictures of all the handwritten lyrics and sing Love is A Rose over and over again. That album completely captivated me, and I guess I knew even then that somehow I had to play a part in the musical universe.”

“We moved to Northwest Florida when I was ten years old, and my mom started playing in an all-girl bluegrass band, so she carted us kids all over the Southeast attending bluegrass festivals. At the time I was too young to appreciate it, but I met some incredible musicians, including Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, John Cowan and Pat Flynn of New Grass Revival. I also had the pleasure of meeting the Father of Bluegrass himself, Bill Monroe.”
Little did she know it, but these encounters would help shape and influence her songwriting later on.

As her musical influences broadened, Cher Lynn became a house musician at several venues in the Northwest Florida area. She built a loyal fan base the old fashioned way-- with hard work and dedication. In 2001, she joined a bluegrass band where she gained more exposure to local musicians' styles and influence, and it impacted her immensely. “I learned so much playing bluegrass music. It is incredibly technical and fast-paced. I had to re-learn to play the guitar. I loved working out the harmonies—the vocal melodies and instruments blend perfectly.”

She began taking a serious interest in songwriting in early 2006, and it was then that the floodgates opened and she found her passion. “I write about anything that influences me, friends, family, emotion, anything that strikes me in a particular place in a particular time. I try to keep my notebook with me always, but I have been known to scrawl lyrics on a Tastee-Freeze napkin, a paper bag, or on my arm, for that matter. Then, it’s a mad dash to get home and get my hands around a guitar. I write my best songs in a mad rush. Sometimes I feel like I get a waterfall of ideas and I can’t write fast enough.

Cher Lynn continues to write songs and pursue her music career, and has recently inked a record deal with the development division of Universal MCA, Platinum Plus Universal Records in Nashville. Her debut album, entitled Nothing But My Earrings On, is due out in early 2008l. Cher Lynn wrote the music and lyrics to the entire album herself. “I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far, and I am grateful to be given a voice to be heard. To actually hear what I have created recorded on a CD will be the thrill of my life!! I have worked with some of the most talented musicians on earth, and I am so appreciative and blessed to have crossed paths with them all. I hope to be able to continue to do this for a long long time. This truly makes me happy.”


Girl Thing

Written By: Cher Lynn Bragg

Some things about a woman
you will never understand
Like why we do our nails,
or paying for a tan
There are a lot of things about us that just can’t be explained
It’s a girl thing

You wonder why I use your razor instead of using mine
When I’ve had a hard day
got to have a glass of wine
Step away from the chocolate
and we’ll get along just fine
It’s a girl thing

When you figure me out,
well let me know
The things that drive you crazy make you love me more
Like an age old mystery
that you’ll never understand
We change the things about us just because we can

I ask you if I’m ugly
when I don’t know what to wear
Got a closet full of shoes
can’t find a single pair
Got to do my makeup
got to do my hair
It’s a girl thing


When I need some heavy lifting
or the oil changed in my car
I can do it myself,
but I’ve got this down to an art
We like to play dumb
but we’re really very smart
It’s a girl thing

Lyrics and Music by Cher Lynn Bragg Copyright 2007 ©

Blue Collar Wife

Written By: Cher Lynn Bragg

I wake up in the morning;
get the kids up for school
Breakfast, teeth brushed,
lunches packed too
Kiss the hubby on the cheek
and then I’m gone
By 7:05 I tie my apron strings on

Serving tables all day
‘til my feet are sore
I smile at you
just to get one dollar more
I bust my butt to make ends meet
And I do it all over
each and every week

I’m proud of who I am
and what I do
My life, my job, my house,
my family too
I work real hard for what I’ve got
It may not look it but I’ve got a lot
I love my blue collar life
I’m a blue collar wife

I’m Supermom, I do it all
The bank, the cleaners,
the big and the small
Groceries, rush home, dinner by five
Then I think about all the good things I’ve got in my life


The kids are in bed,
its been a good night
Sneak up the stairs
when the time is right
And if I’m lucky,
I get a little loving tonight

Lyrics by Cher Lynn Bragg
Music by Cher Lynn and Scot Bragg
Copyright 2007 ©

Son of A Gun

Written By: Cher Lynn Bragg

Today I walked in on a big surprise
Something I never thought I’d see
You were skin on skin
with my best friend
And it burned in my mind permanently

She covered and ran, and started to cry
You turned to me
and tried to explain
Making excuses but they were all just lies
Adding to the tears and the pain

I hope that she was worth it
I hope you enjoyed yourself
Cause when you go down
you’ll be hurtin’
There will be no one
when you cry for help
Your life’s about to come undone
I hope you had your fun
Take my advice, and you better run
You Son of a Gun

She’s a black widow spinning a web of deceit
And I’m laying you right down at her feet
I believed all the pretty little lies you said
Turns out you were lying with her in our own bed

Lyrics and Music by Cher Lynn Bragg
Copyright 2007 ©


Nothing But My Earrings On
Platinum Plus Universal Records Nashville
Release date is 2008

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