Cherokee Fade

Cherokee Fade

 Newport Beach, California, USA

Cherokee Fade, the love child of Kevin Elliot and Erin Rose is made of simple melodies, real stories, and a dedication to the truth. There exists an undeniable magnetism between them in their live performance. Their sound is timeless and unique. They will capture your beating heart and racing mind.


Erin Rose is a banshee who writes rhymes on cocktail napkins while laying down whiskey for a living. She met and fell for Kevin Elliot who long before her had decided to dedicate his life’s blood to music. Years went by. Cherokee Fade is their love child and can be credited with re-uniting the love that had been lost over time, or misplaced, and given away. Their music is simple and truthful, lyrically driven, and gives a nod back to the days when songs really had something to say to you. Waking Up Is Hard To Do, their debut album was released in November of 2011. “The album was created in a strange space, a lot of secrets had accumulated over the years, and there was a lot to dig through, it led to a lot of truth and I think people have been where we have been,” said Erin Rose about the whole process. Cherokee Fade spent the year that followed continuing to write new music and playing venues across southern California. They recently completed a successful fall tour through Canada and the Pacific Northwest promoting the winter release of their upcoming record. Growing up on a steady diet of Patsy Cline, Fleetwood Mac, and Paul Simon she attributes much of her style and the groundwork of this project to their inspiration. “We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here,” said Kevin about the simplicity of Cherokee Fade, he continued, “I may be the body, I would have always made music, but she’s the heartbeat.” Together they have managed to create a sound that is distinctly their own and yet remarkably timeless. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to pull up chair, pour yourself a drink, and have a real good listen.

A “Cherokee Fade,” is when for whatever reason or vice you may have, you take leave of your current situation or place without informing anyone of your decision or whereabouts.


The Wanderer

Written By: Erin Rose

I picked up a wanderer
just outside of town
said I’m leavin here for good
there’s no good left around

Climbed into my car
and when I asked him his name
he said, “little girl I lost it
to me they sound the same

You’re lookin for something
that’s looking for you
somethin you had you just never knew
somethin you want cause it hurts just to loose
somethin you had
somethin you never knew."

I looked at him coldly at his hands in his lap
and how is eyes they stayed hidden
neath’ the brim of his hat

I was worried that he knew me
thought he’d read all my cards
like he’d stolen the aces
cause this lesson was hard

We drove on through the night
to a place I don’t know
when he got out the car is when it started to show
that the people that we meet
they don’t come round by chance
and if you’re lucky
if you listen
they could teach you to dance

I was looking for something
I already had
something I lost cause the timing was bad
but when I turned back around to retrieve what I had left
the town was long gone and
all that’s left was the debt

Red Book

Written By: Erin Rose

Came across a red book
where I used to write to you
reminded me that what we do
is never nothing new

Sometimes it turns out better
when you leave it all behind
and even though it hurt to loose
it was for someone else to find
all of this in my red book

Cause love it may look different
but the story reads the same
and no it’s not the two of us
I love the way, she says your name

If I ever loved you
I’ll send some of it your way
I heard your gettin well along
out there just the other day

This part was never written
so I don’t know how it goes
and even though I sing of you
it’s her that you chose
all of this in my red book

Cause love it may look different
but the story reads the same
and no it’s not the two of us
I love the way, she says your name

Something should be said
I just don’t know what it is


Written By: Erin Rose

People I don’t already like
they make me hate them more
So I set my shop outside of town
to see what they’re coming for

A conversation makes me reckless
my moves they'll make you cry
my mother said I’m not a lover
gotta live before I die

Ohhhhh She's got that Witchcraft!

Had a way of makin worlds
move just like the wind
had a way of forcin you to wish
the end would just begin

lost my lungs out in the desert
came back with just my eyes
spent forty days behind the helm
of her finely woven lies

Ohhhhhh She's got the Witchcraft

I said quietly it’s witchcraft
to time as it slid by
she’ll curse you on a changing moon
leave you on the other side.

Ohhhhhh She's got that witchraft

Over and Over

Written By: Kevin Elliot and Erin Rose

Girl do you hear the words I say
when I open up my mouth
your eyes always drift away
maybe I’m just always saying the same things
I know that I'm always chasin one dream
Over and Over again....

Over and Over again.

Hey you, I could taste the places I’ve been
I’m sittin here but I’m swimmin
if you’d just ask I’d invite you in
Your always saying the same thing
and I've never dreamt same dream
Over and Over again...

There’s only one thing that I want
and I’m not sure it’s something you’ve got

You know, this should be so god damn hard
when we swam so smooth so far
But hey look at us hey here we are
We could be wishin some new things
I could meet you in the middle, we could make some new dreams
Over and Over again

Over and over again.....


Waking Up Is Hard To Do, November 2011

Set List

Over and Over
Peddle Promises
Mexico, (Cake)
Turn Around
Red Book
Waking Up
The Things I know, (Nissan Pererra)
The Wanderer
Golden Melodies
My Beach, (Human Highway)
Close The Door
Witch Craft
Poison the Well