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Cherokee The Lyricist

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If the late Left Eye had a sit down with Lauren Hill who then invited Foxy Brown for insight who invited the late Tupac who for kicks invited Lil Kim who then sent E40 in her place to make music....that would pretty much be my sound.
*looks down & blushes* I am The Lyricist...


It was during the winter of '83 on the #2 train headed eastbound that Cherokee's parents got aquainted after working a shift in the dietary division of a hospital in New York City. Her mother, a compassionate headstrong woman of Jamaican descent was following her nightly routine heading home from work. Cherokee's father a Guyanese native, had to board the same train that stormy winter night ironically, placing the pair on that train ride together. It was a bountiful year in all aspects, Michael Jackson's "Beat It" hit #1 on the billboards while Grand Master Flash changed the vibe of hip hop 2 a more serious reality; In the midst of it all, a friendship blossomed and as a final result a seed was planted 2 years later that would soon impact the world of hip hop.

On June, 12th, 1985, Juliet Rigby was born in Brooklyn, NY. She was destined to take the musical route in some aspect because her mother had a beautiful voice that she exercised in the church choir and her father was a DJ that booked several jobs wiring sound systems for local parties & Dj'ing at different events throughout the city. At the age of 4, Cherokee was sent to live with her grandmother in Jamaica for a few months while her mother prepared a better life for the both of them in America. Cherokee learned how to read at the age of 4 and was reading and writing on the 6th grade level by age 5.

In the summer of 1990, Cherokee's mother brought her back to the states where she attended school at Battalian Christian Academy. At that institution, she was introduced to the piano, she also learned to read and play music. Although Cherokee was not an only child, she grew up in a single parent household where it was just her and her mother. Cherokee went on to Philippa Schuyler I.S. 383, a school in Brooklyn for the gifted and talented. She spent apart of a school year there and then went on to complete the 6th grade at Winthrop I.S.232. In May 1997, Cherokee and her mother moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Cherokee attended Lauderhill Middle School and then went on to Boyd H. Anderson High. She was on the cheerleading squad, dance team, step team, & wrote profusely while utilizing any opportunity to put on rap and dance performances at special school events. The name "Cherokee" was picked up as her alias while attending Boyd Anderson High, due to her indian-like features and has no connection with the actual tribe.

Cherokee has always been an optimist, a free-spirited soul with a heart branded by the Midas touch. Due to her down-to-earth nature & natural ability to connect with people on a level where one would feel they were friends for years, she's befriended many and all would agree that she's a unique and rare brand of genuineness, with a humorous wit. She moved around quite a bit from childhood to adulthood, from the countryside, to the fast Northern city life, then finally transitioned to...The South. Cherokee's nomadic encounters has equipt her with the versatility to approach any situation without bias.

Currently, Cherokee lives in Broward County, collaborating with other talented recording artists and working on a slew of solo projects. Her influences include: Tupac, Biggie, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown,Mc Hammer, Field Mob, Jacki-O, & Too Short just to name a few, and there's no doubt that she will throw a curve ball in this game, rocking mics in clubs & main stages across the country. Her style is addictive, her delivery is precise, and her drive is an aura that can be felt on contact. Her wordplay sends you on subliminal roller coasters, & emotional loops, painting pictures of unpredictable storylines with breathtaking highs of blatant realities, granting listeners with an all-access pass to her truth.
There were several trials in the court of Cherokee's life.
The outcome deemed prosperous and aided in the final judgement to ordain Juliet Rigby as Hip Hop's next female rap phenomenon...morphing Cherokee into "The Lyricist."


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