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"Chero Michel CD Review"

Chero Michel is the epitome of an artist commercial radio bypasses, instead choosing tight, safe and packaged material with dubious artistic merit. Well, it’s a good thing that in 2008, Michel too can push them aside and promote her authentic talents through new media and alternative radio. Her debut album “Learned From The Best,” is both carefree and serious, sensual and raw and—as all good R&B albums have in common—sparkles with soulful sincerity and passion.
Michel, a Milwaukee native, doesn’t waste time in proclaiming these talents. The title track issues a call to those would be questioners of her skill. But she makes it feel all natural and her honesty is a welcome diversion from the repugnant self-absorption of, say, one Kanye West. Moreover, “Learned From The Best,” affirms the significant role that her late mother played in her life as Michel states in the chorus “even though you’re gone, your legacy is strong.” The following cut “Come Right Back” is a reggae tinged, horn heavy joint with a funky bass line to boot. Michel articulates and phrases her vocals deliciously, simultaneously conjuring up past R &B legends like Gladys Knight and Anita Baker.
The album’s middle parts contain a mixture of in-the-club cuts (Irresistible, Don’t Be Surprised), autobiographical anthems (Save My Life and Only 16) and sexy, turn off the lights tales (Ain’t The Season and Love Song). However, Michel really bares her soul towards the end of the album. On “Motherless Child,” Michel sings “one day you disappeared without a trace, but I’m okay my mother’s love I embrace.” She delivers the vocals with conviction and, when paired with Maurice Cotton’s orchestral string-heavy production, evokes a truly resonant emotional response. Michel reaches her high point on “Come Back,” an upbeat, groovy piece with a catchy chorus. But it was the song’s first 30 seconds that induced a state of synasthesia—a mixing of the senses—and as I listened to Michel’s liquid-like crooning all I could think about was a frozen scoop of ice cream melting on a warm bed of peach cobbler—pure bliss.
It’s probably a safe bet that many of Chero Michel’s listeners never met her mother. But the assertion that she has “Learned From The Best” is what comes across vividly and powerfully on her debut release. And in conveying that, we all feel like we knew her.
- Jesse Starita - Program Director KZUM Lincoln, NE

"CD Review"

I LOVE this CD! Chero's voice just melts into your brain cause she's jusss got IT...Her lyrics remind me of early-seventies Stevie Wonder. Social, Personal and Powerful.
- CD Baby

"Press Releases-chero Michel"

Ginjibu Music artist Chero Michel CD Release Party May 11, 2008

Milwaukee, WI – Ginjibu Music is proud to announce the release of Chero
Michel’s new album Learned From the Best, May 11, 2008. Learned From the
Best is a project of the heart created throughout a journey which has brought
this talented young singer back from Los Angeles, where the project began,
to her home in Milwaukee. After Chero’s return to her hometown she found
a well of inspiration from within her life and her own mother that helped
develop herself artistically and launched the project into a fresh,
previously, unexplored direction. The culmination of Chero’s efforts can
be found in the creation of her album and tribute to her late mother.

Few artists are able to so eloquently share their story as Chero Michel
does in Learned from the Best. This soon-to-be-released album accomplishes
true eloquence as an honest autobiographical exploration of love, pain and
strength as it reflects on the experiences that have brought Chero to this
point in both her personal life - as a new young mother to her twelve year
old sister- as well as her professional life a continuously developing

After a very successful listening party on March 30th on Milwaukee’s East
Side, Chero was invigorated by the enthusiasm and positive feedback of
listeners. Chero is honored to be holding a free release party at
Milwaukee’s 618 Live on Mother’s Day, May 11th at 8pm in celebration and
appreciation of all women who have shaped our lives. Promotional
activities will continue throughout the months of April and May at local
clubs and stores around Milwaukee.

Learned from the Best track listings:
1 Learned From the Best
2 Come Right Back
3 Irresistible
4 Save My Life
5 Don't Be Surprised
6 Aint the Season
7 Only 16
8 Love Song
9 Everything
10 Motherless Child
11 Come Back
12 Ugly November
13 Perfect

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- Ginjibu Music

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KPOO 89.5 FM- San Francisco,CA
KCEP 88.1 FM- Las Vegas, NV
KVUM 89.3 FM- Lincoln, NE
WJFF 90.5 FM- Jeffersonville, NY
WECI 91.5 FM- Richmond, IN
WAIF 88.3 FM- Cincinnati, OH
KAZI 88.7 FM- Austin, TX
WYMS 88.9FM- Milwaukee, WI
WNOV 860 AM - Milwaukee, WI
KMOJ 89.9FM - Minneapolis, MN
WMPR 90.1FM - Jackson, MS
WNAA 90.1FM - Greensboro, NC
KBBG 88.1FM - Waterloo, IA
KPFA 94.1FM- Berkeley, CA
WHPK 88.5FM- Chicago,IL
- Ginjibu Music

"Vintage Sights and Sounds" - Journal Sentinal


Learned From The Best - Spring 2008
Meant To Be (EP) - Summer 2003



As expressed by the title of her debut CD, Chero Michel has teamed up with a superstar lineup of producers to create her infectious LP, Learned From the Best. Chero has created an album that is dynamic as life itself, mixing smooth, exotic, and energetic tracks with inspiring, evocative, and poignant lyrics.

A Milwaukee native, this chanteuse has a wealth of experiences to draw from to create her music. Like many of the legends of R&B, as a child, she began her career as a performer with vocal training rooted in the sensibilities of the gospel choir. And she would later grow into a dynamic entertainer with formal dance instruction in Las Vegas and New York. This combination of music and performance gave her the tools that she needed to become the ultimate artist.

In November of 2006, Chero Michel would lose her mother to cancer. After taking a brief hiatus from the music business, Chero would regain her strength and her dream, and reemerged on the music scene with a perspective and love for life that permeates every beat of her music.

Passion is the energy that drives Learned From the Best. From the outset of the album, Chero Michel captivates the listener with vivid snapshots of life, love, joy, and heartbreak, as she effortlessly glides from track to track. On tracks like Irresistible and the title track, Learned From the Best, Michel sings with an energy that would ignite any party. Songs like Love Song and Everything illustrate what love is supposed to sound like. And power ballads like Only 16 and Motherless Child demonstrate Michel’s strong yet gentle consciousness. Present throughout is Chero’s bright voice, which reflects a source of inner strength that transcends all of the different emotions that she explores.

Chero Michel’s Learned From the Best is “feel good” music. Her bright voice shines through her powerful compositions, creating a pleasant blend of classic, yet fresh R&B that moves you to dance as well as think about the albums’ gentle message. Chero Michel’s ability to accomplish such a balance puts her in a league of her own, positioning her to be a leader of a new and refreshing direction in R&B.