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London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

London, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Blues




"Ravenheart Music: Album Reviews C-D"

On a balmy summer night at a central London blues jam, four individuals who never met were about to ignite an ambition and start something very special. "The Spice of Life" blues jam is a night and a venue, that has gone down in the history of music in the UK with everyone from Bob Dylan to the Sex Pistols having played the venue (under whatever name it held), at one time or another. Fast forward to June 2015 and those four individuals who now go by the name Cherry White (fronted by Donata Sounds), offer up the listener with their new EP 'Staring At The Sun', the elegant sound of contemporary classic rock, steeped in a barrel of blues. Some good tracks here including the epic 'Angel', a fave of mine from this EP. So if you like your music infused with a decent helping of blues, Cherry White could be just the tonic, further info here... 8/10 (Dave) - Ravenheart Music

"Cherry White - Staring at the Sun"

Formed in 2009[sic], Cherry White is a four-piece band from London that is comprised off Donata Sounds (vocals), Russell Jones (guitars), Ralph Beeby (bass), and Felipe Drago (drums). "Staring At The Sun" is the group's latest studio recording and this recently-released EP was engineered at Bark Studios by Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, The Firm, My Bloody Valentine). It was preceded by the single release of the EP's lead-off track, "Drifter", and for a indie blues-rock band that had previously made a name for itself thanks to upbeat shows this new recording goes a long way towards transferring Cherry White's live energy onto tape! As the inspiration behind "Staring At The Sun" was the city in which Cherry White live and perform this buzz-worthy recording could be seen as a more than suitable soundtrack to London's vibrant nightlife! And seeing as "Staring At The Sun" was just issued some nine days ago this six-track EP is still hot to the touch! In fact it's hot of the presses and more than a little anxious to find it's way into the hands of indie blues-rock fans!!(Properly) self-identified as a band that "Folds the old school songwriting smarts of Fleetwood Mac into the contemporary edge of the Raconteurs'' and featuring four musicians that are at the top of their class, Cherry White is a adult contemporary act that has somehow managed to stumble upon the fountain of youth! Carefully-crafted with indie rock fans in mind, "Staring At The Sun" is intelligent blues-rock with an alternative mindset and a warm and inviting personality. The music here is rich and deeply rooted in the culture that surrounds it's band-members. And in the end it is as classy and charming as the four Londoners that perfected it. If you are into creative blues-rock or you consider yourself a fan of indie rock then be sure to try this album on for size. - Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Cherry White – “Staring At The Sun” EP Review"

Cherry White, a London based 4-piece seem to have mastered that age old combination of hard hitting songs and sublime technical musicality. Drawing from classic rock influences such as Fleetwood Mac and The Raconteur’s, Cherry White have demonstrated they intend to rise to the lofty heights of their genre defining heroes.

“Staring at the Sun” is a testament to their musical prowess and draws on a breadth of influences that make it a must listen. “Drifter” the lead single of the EP is a brooding swamp rock anthem showcasing the feral nature of Donata’s vocals and Russell’s ferocious guitar licks. Donata’s vocal tone is somewhere between Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie Sioux giving it an anthemic quality reminiscent of 70s stadium rock. “Do It Better” helps to cement Cherry White’s position as a band of the future reliant on the sounds of the past. An air of post punk by way of Tango in the Night creates a interesting mix of musicality and fierce lyricism. Cherry White is able to also convey their musical message through a softer, acoustic approach. “Angel” is one such song that evokes emotion through the thoughtful lyrics while still standing up musically. The true star of the song being Ralph on bass, showcasing a jazz element to his playing that lifts the song to another plain. The next track, “7 Days” could easily be a prime time Van Halen track, it has just the right amount of 80s shredding to make it truly enjoyable. In contrast “Blue Eyes” is supple piece with a highly effective build up, ending on a crescendo worthy of praise. On the theme of praise, “Staring At The Sun” the final track on the EP is a masterful demonstration of eloquent song writing and rhythmic technicality that further reinforces the transcendent quality of the band.

Each song adheres to the preconceived notion of classic blues rock but adds subtle twists to craft a truly unique sound. With anthems more suitable for stadiums than dimly lit clubs, Cherry White is on course to becoming a classic band in their own right . - Rate the Tracks

"Various Artists: Album Roundup"

Hard rock is not a style that’s exactly languishing for the want of someone to come along and define it. There have been so many iconic takes on the basic formula of driving beats, gritty guitars and blues-based melodic materials that almost every new band sounds derivative, or contains so many recognisable echoes that its impossible to hear whatever novelty they bring to the party. Cherry White have the goods, in terms of tone, style, delivery, groove and all the rest of it, as have many other bands that sound utterly undistinguished purely by virtue of the history their sound carries with it; but they also have enough individual character to make them stand out, and that’s a tougher ask than you might imagine. They have good songs, great playing, a superb singer and a good sound, but what really sets them apart is the bass, which is entertainingly flash and busy without sacrificing anything in terms of the support it provides the songs. I’m not used to hard rock sounding daring or exciting, but this album nails it on all levels. - Oliver Arditi

"SIMGE stream: Cherry White - "EP""

Usually I don’t begin our SIMGE Stream segments off on a personal note, but this particular instance warrants it. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to visit London for the first time and visit some of the legendary music sites I had only read about in books. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the excursion was stumbling upon jazz club institution Ronnie Scott’s which has served as a genesis pool and a launching pad for an endless stream of acts since first opening its doors in 1959.

It’s with that further, real life understanding that I bring up Cherry White who formed in 2010 when guitarist Russell Jones and singer Charlotte Jo Hanbury met at a blues jam in Central London. With the addition of drummer Felipe Drago and bass guitarist Ralph Beeby, Cherry White has now gone on to release their debut EP which intertwines and showcases the band’s eclectic style and tastes without ever moving too far away from an established central point. Acoustic ballads like “The Price” and vampy-club blues licks sampled on “Superman” coexist harmoniously as the quintet bring each of their individual strengths to the fore. Cherry White succeed where so many have failed in their first recorded forays in not letting their many talents and influences funnel through one outlet and instead focus on each singular idea to comprise a complete thought. - Speak into my Good Eye

"Album Review: Cherry White / Staring at the Sun (2015)"

Sometimes we all must slow down a bit in our hectic lives, relaxing our minds before we go nuts with all the wildness surrounding us. In order to achieve that desired level of peacefulness, there’s nothing better than enjoying some soft and passionate Rock N’ Roll, and the music crafted by British Contemporary Rock band Cherry White has exactly what it takes to help soothe our weary spirits. However, do not think the music you’ll find in their brand new EP entitled Staring at the Sun lacks excitement. Quite the contrary, the EP emanates electricity, gripping your attention even during its smoothest passages.

Insired by life in London during its austerity era, encompassed by the greed of the wealthy, the six tracks in Staring at the Sun circle around an aspiration for this London-based four-piece band to reach higher and achieve their goals in the music industry and beyond. Blending the Soft Rock by Fleetwood Mac with the Blues Rock from bands like The Raconteurs, Cherry White seem to be in the right path to accomplish their mission, offering their fans high-quality rock music that sounds incredibly authentic and original, making you feel good while listening to it.

Despite never getting truly heavy, the opening tack Drifter can still be considered badass Southern Rock, starting in a groovy and catchy way with frontwoman Donata Sounds needing only a few seconds to show her exceptional skills as a singer. In addition, it’s when the rest of the instruments hit the music (especially the power of the harmonica) that things get really exciting without exaggerating on the dosage, making it the perfect example for the famous expression “less is more”. The next tune, Do It Better, sounds a lot more commercial, a mix of Alternative Rock and Pop Rock that could be played on any radio station in the world, with highlights to guitarist Russell Jones and drummer Felipe Drago for their superb job building the atmosphere for Donata to deliver her gorgeous vocal lines.

Angel is a smooth Rock N’ Roll ballad that will unquestionably become a fan favorite, and although the main focus is on Donata’s voice there’s room for all band members to shine. Pay good attention to the strong bass lines by Ralph Beeby in the background and you’ll see what I’m talking about, and also don’t forget to enjoy the melancholy in the last part of the song as it will touch your heart in a lovely way. Following that gentle music exhibit, we have the modern but at the same time very old school rock song 7 Days, where the dirty and exciting riffs sound totally inspired by the music from the 70’s, and there’s no way you won’t get thrilled with the song’s amazing guitar solo and chorus.

Then it’s time for Cherry White to sing the Blues in Blue Eyes, an introspective tune where all instruments sound so clean and polished to the point that, by just closing you eyes, you can perfectly imagine a scene at a first-class pub with Donata’s sexy performance in the spotlight while the rest of the band is wearing black suits and playing in the shadows. Moreover, some passages remind me of the classic ballads by Faith No More, and if you know how much I like Mike Patton and his crew you can have an idea of my joy while listening to this song. And closing the EP we have another delicate and progressive rock tune brought forth by these talented musicians, the title-track Staring At The Sun, a song full of passion and sorrow with a short but very enjoyable rockin’ ending that could work as a bridge or connection to their next release, if they haven’t thought about that already.

Cheery White can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud, and if you’re a fan of softer and lively rock music and want to grab your copy of Staring at the Sun, simply go to their BandCamp page to do so. Now please excuse me because it’s time to relax and enjoy this beautiful display of Blues Rock by Cherry White, an emerging band from the UK that will soon conquer the entire world with their elegant music, no doubt about that.

Best moments of the album: Drifter and Blue Eyes. - The Headbanging Moose


June 2015:
Staring at the Sun EP
Drifter (single)

March 2014:
Don't Hold Me Back (single)

August 2013: Riding Bikes (single)
July 2013: 129 album
May 2013: Dead from the Waist Down (single)

October 2012: Cherry White EP



"Pouring bottles of blues on contemporary rock since 2010."

Cherry White avoid the clichés common to so much modern blues-rock and
stretch the genre to fit captivating stories over a rich musical

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