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School Girl's


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The Break Up

Written By: Nikkita Duke

There she goes again into the shower,
She lets the water down to block out her cries,
The pain she feels everyday just grows older,
Her lonely nights with no one to hold her,
She cries tears she should never show,
Oh, the misery, will it ever go?

She can't believe he didn't notice her perfume,
She tried soo hard to make him focus,
He passed her, he didn't notice,
She blocked the door and tried to make him stay,
he pushed her down and he walked away,

OH, sweet sweet sanctuary, my friend,
How could only time know the end?
Her heart is broken, her tears are spent,
And ever since the day he went,
she cries with no smile.

He still remembers this pretty girl,
He wishes he never broke her heart,
He regrets ever leaving her,
He remembers her effort to stop him,
But he marched out the door
Now his pain shows more and more,

He remembers how they struggled,
She said 'don't go' but he ignored her,
Now he sees her crying face in his dreams,
And every now and then, at himself, he screams

Oh, sweet sweet sanctuary, my friend
Now that the truth is out, why pretend?
He knows what they had has ended,
But till his heart gets amended,
He'll cry with no smile.

She decides to put everything behind,
He drinks daily to clear his mind,
She goes out on many dates,
He has fun every now and then with his mates,
But every night when the lights are out,
they cry

Oh, sweet sweet sanctuary, my friend
Why can't their hearts just blend?
the love they share is clear
And though the end is near,
They cry without smiles.