Cherry2000 is a female fronted electro rock band with roots in punk, metal, and techno (one member of the band was a half of celebrated rave duo Itch-e & Scratch-e). We have released two albums, Kidnapped in LA and Criminal Damage, and are halfway through our third. Front woman Rachael Chaos


Cherry2000 formed in 2004 when ARIA Award winner Andy Rantzen, formerly one half of celebrated rave duo Itch-e & Scratch-e along with Paul Mac, joined up with rock vocalist Rachael Chaos and guitarist 'Tall' Paul Reeve. Since then, we have released two albums, performed at The Big Day Out, The Great Escape, and the Newtown Festival, and with numerous acts as diverse as Peaches and Tourettes, spanning the range from electroclash to heavy metal. We have also released material this year on California's Roach Coach Records, have been featured on numerous international radio and video shows, and in 2006-7 were one of California's most featured soundtrack artists, appearing on DVDs released by Vivid.Alt, Pulse, and Zipperfilms (for which we were nominated for Best Soundtrack at the AVN Awards, 2006). Our current sound is electro-metal with a strong psychedelic/rave influence. We are currently completing our third album, The Dead Ride Hard, and are negotiating with several Californian labels for its release in 2008.


Kidnapped In L.A (Ear Pimp / MGM) 2004
Criminal Damage- (Electricult / MGM) 2005

Radio airplay- Ashes/Outlaw - FBI Radio, Sydney, Australia. A number of internet and terrestrial radio and video shows are now picking up our stuff for airplay, in particular our new track and video King Cobra - see our Myspace.

Set List

we play a set list that averages around 10 songs 40 min sets.

Songs played live: Outlaw, Balls to the Wall, 21st Century Swine, Pedal to the Floor, All Girl Bender, Boys and Booze, Ashes, Taste the Night, Teenage Freak, Geek Love, Baby Likes to Burn, In Your Dreams, Slab City, King Cobra.