Cherry BlackStone

Cherry BlackStone


The funk of Sly and the family stone, Lenny kravitz, Led zepplin and Prince. With songs and melody influences from U2, Beatles, David Bowie and Cold Play. We call it Phunk Rock


CherryBlackStone is THE exciting new sound to come out of London. It is impossible to make direct comparisons, however if you mixed the funky vibe of the Black Eyed Peas, added a UK edge and melodic influences as diverse as Prince, the Beatles, Bowie and Coldplay you might be getting close! This is the new London sound… Phunk Rock!

The CherryBlackStone Live Experience is a jumping, vibrant and exciting performance that will get the funkiest funksters funking and the rockiest rocksters rocking!

The band was founded 3 years ago by Vocalists Jade Jones, ReDD and Andrez Harriott, who is also the drummer. The three musicians have been friends for fifteen years and had always wanted to collaborate musically. Once they started writing it became very clear that the vision for the band musically and lyrically was being realised and the outcome was amazing!

Their friendship was about to go on a rollercoaster ride that began with the writing sessions and included Jade becoming “Best Man” to Andrez for his marriage to ReDD in 2004.

The band recently said "our aim was to make an album that lived up to it's title: Forget the Formula. If we wrote something and it sounded good, we kept it. It has been very liberating just allowing ourselves to be artists and not over analysing the creative process".

The next phase involved putting a live band together that could translate the emotion of the music to an audience.

ReDD and Andrez had an idea to re-visit the college that had played a major part in their growth as musicians to find the next pieces of the CherryBlackStone puzzle. So it was off to The Brits Performing Arts College where, through auditions, they found three highly talented and totally committed musicians:

Ashton Miranda, the Keyboard player, uses every part of his spirit to play his instrument. He lives and breathes the project and saw the musical vision from the beginning.

Rupert Caney, the lead Guitarist, knows how to be a team player and provides the riffs and hooks that cut through the music.

Tom Driessler, the Bass player, is firmly rooted in Jazz but has the touch of Funk that is needed in the CherryBlackStone engine room.

The next phase of the band's development had to be gigs. CherryBlackStone had a residency at the world famous Half Moon pub.

“CherryBlackStone - one to watch for 2007”
Half Moon - Putney

"CherryBlackStone are a fine, colourful and uplifting musical experience – you really must catch them live if you can… Almost 100% own material plus a choice cover sent the Half Moon audience out on a cloud of pleasure".
Pete Sargeant - Blues Mattes Magazine

2006 proved to be an amazing year for the band and helped to increase their fan base across the world. The band played 40 dates which included supporting Jamie Cullum, a 15 date university tour and sold out performances at the half moon on London. The band have also received major press coverage. In January 2007 they were singled out by Company magazine as a band to watch for this year.

The band released their single “Kushti” which is still available via I-Tunes in November 2007. They are now preparing for the launch of their debut album “Forget the Formula” and a second single in July. The band are still managed by themselves and are currently looking for a management team to be involved in the next phase. If you have any enquiries or you are interested in distribution of the album.


'KUSHTI' Single Release on: I-tunes, Napster, MSN Music... & more

Cherryblackstone EP

1. Kushti
2. Another Part Of Me
3. Mrs Doubtfire
4. Whatcha (Single)

Set List

1. Seasons
2. Frustrated
3. Say it to my face
4. Another part of me
5. Come too far
6. Make it official
7. Stay with me forever
8. Kushti
9. Watcha

Aprox:45min show time