Cherry Blossom Drive

Cherry Blossom Drive

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CBD plays some old fashioned classic rock like big stadion bands did in the 70is, the 80is and the 90is. so the time is right that someone does it now!


Cherry Bossom Drive was formed in 2007. So as you see it`s a quiet young band but they are working hard to write new material to play live as mutch as possible and to start bringing their music to the people. Fans of bands like Thin Lizzy, the Hellacopters or other Bands who know what what rocks hopefully also like this young band from north western Switzerland.


work in progress

Set List

usualy we play about 50min.

Take Me
The More
Pawn Shop
And once Again
Time`s waisting Me
Graveyard Sun
Crazy little Bitch
You and I
No Regret
Track 13
The Girl