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Two Hearts

Written By: Teresa Davis

Two Hearts
Teresa Davis
© 2008

You are the things that I can see
You are the heart that cries to me
You are the one that I adore
You see the things that read my heart
Your lovin made the feelin start
I've touched your fire and wanted more


Two hearts are born to ramble
They know the risk and gamble
Two hearts are born to ramble now
On and on they run forever
Through the streets and stopping never
Two hearts are born to ramble now


And when you want the feeling
Deep inside your heart
And someone stops it from comin on
You feel a pain that swells deep inside your soul
The fire's burning stronger
As the pain
Begins to grow

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Summer Love

Written By: Teresa Davis

Summer Love
Teresa Davis
© 2008

I remember summer evenings
Walking in the sand
I was the woman in fairy tale kingdom
You were the prince of the land
So many sunsets never ended
Just faded into the sea
Just as the foam on the stormy ocean
Faded and never was seen


I said seasons
Change as quick as tides
Comin and goin and leave you alone
Then take you for another ride
I know my broken heart
Will surely mend again
You were my lover in summer time
Come and be a winters friend

Wonderin eyes so blue and reflecting
Dreams we two only could share
Whisperin magic through lips so perfect
Feelin your silky blond hair
You were a dream and my heart had created
Walls that could never hold you
Swiftly with force as strong as the ocean
Your mighty will had broke through

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The Unofficial Four Year Olds World Series

Written By: Teresa Davis

The Unofficial Four Year Olds World Series
Teresa Davis
© 2008

It was hotter than a tin roof in the summer
Muggy specially for this time of year
The Mom's and Dad's were sittin in the background
Complainin cause vacation time was here

Henry had a Mutant Turtle base glove
Pablo had his Daddy's tennis ball
Brian found a bat beside a trash can
And Chris a baseball hat against a wall


Well it was baseball, football, handball and soccerball
Let me tell you folks those kids were swingin
And they would tip their hat
Swing the bat, hit the dirt, and that was that
At the unofficial four year olds world series

Feelin a certain obligation, I put my book aside and
took the mound
And organized the four year old world series,
“batter up” I yelled and turned around
My outfield was runnin round in circles
The catcher had his face against the bat
Thank the Lord we swang the wrong direction
And the ball went flyin higher than a cat!


Henry grabbed my arm, we started runnin
Around some bases only he could see
Brian and Chris were wrestlin for the baseball
And Pablo took a flying leap at me
I picked up Henry, held him like a football
Started running for the home run of the game
The outfield dropped the ball, yelled “attack” and
that was all
We piled it up on home plate just the same!


Then something funny happened, don't you know it
Standing happy in the grandstands all around
Were Mom's and Dad's a whoopin and a cheerin
They'd been watching our world series all along

And no one understood each other's speakin
There were Spanish, English and some Japanese
But all were standing, laughing and a rootin
For the unofficial four year old series!



UnderCurrents EP
Two Hearts being played at London's Hot n Gold Country Radio