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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"I'm a skeptic and even I can't ignore the talent"

It's a very good CD- but clearly only the start of bigger things to come. The style and vocals presented make it unmistakable that CherryFix and Alana have talent on a truly uncommon scale. If they were a stock, I'd buy as many shares as possible. This is not hype, I see them being stars in the near future.
- L. Russo

""The Critic" speaks...,"

Cherryfix are not only about to invade pop culture, they are going to do so because they have the talent to. This is no throwaway pop-rock junk group backed by propaganda, but a collaboration between truly amazing musical prodigies from across the sound spectrum.

Burn these words into your memory: "One Bitter Ending" will be regarded as a landmark in 10 years.

The debut EP from Cherryfix includes a little bit of everything that was good in the past 20 years. The guitars, while not overbearing on any track, are prominent and beautiful. A gorgeous synth-rock flare sprinkles overhead the riffs, thus forming an intricate melodic brilliance that creates a decidedly upbeat groove. The driving force however, is the lead singer, who's vocal harmonies fly across each song with unfathomable catchiness. The drums compliment the melodies perfectly. Their rhythmic beats are pulsating and sweet to the ear, if only a bit quiet.

It's clear that Cherryfix is working hard to keep the dream alive. That is, the dream of truly talented artists once again entering the minds of the populus. Don't pass this one by, it's a must-have.

Paul "The Critic" St. Pierre
Westfield, MA
- Paul "The Critic" St. Pierre


This is a super 5 song cd. Didn't know what to expect when I ordered online last week, however this is a really great band with some very pleasing songs. "One Bitter Ending" is a smash. My daughter (she is 5) and myself have been singing it for three days straight. We'll buy the album when they put it out.

Jim Minor
Houston,Texas - Jim Minor

"We Love You in France!,"

We just recieve cd here in Paris and we love you. My entire school is a Cherryfix fan. Come to perform soon.
Peace and Love

- Latafla,

"More fan reviews"

Please check out the band's myspace page for more comments about Cherryfix. - "The fans'


Commercial EP "One Bitter Ending" released in March 2005. Over 2,500 copies sold through selected F.Y.E. in-store performances.

EP available at Selected F.Y.E northeast locations,,,,


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