Cherry S/T

Cherry S/T


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With their latest release, "A Diary To Burn By", Cherry S/T have pushed their creative boundaries while allowing themselves to emerge with an original but easily accessible sound. Using a unique mix of hard rock and electronica, "A Diary To Burn By" showcases ten razor-sharp tracks, including the arean-ready "What I've Become", the darkly danceable and powerful "Nightmares in 3D" and the radio-friendly anthem "Waiting". Bringing sharp looks, a massive sound, and an always high-energy live performance, Boston-based Cherry S/T make themselves on of the must see unsigned acts on the East Coast.


A Diary To Burn By (2007)

NovaSonic (2005)

Disown The World EP (2003)

Sleepwalkers EP (2002)

Set List

Typically 30 minutes-1 hour