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Cherry Suede

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Pop




"Artists in the Limelight"

"Why are they so hot? Their music makes it clear: From the first-pumping anthem "Not a Day Goes By" to the crunchy guitar hook on "Learning How to Let You Go," these guys were built to rock arenas and play to the skies in stadiums" -

"WFRD - 99 Rock Hanover, NH"

"Right off the bat, this song ("Not a Day Goes By") pulls me in and makes me want to hear more. Its catchy, upbeat and fun from the get go... It is a perfectly packaged song that I definitely see being played on the radio"
- Deborah Wassel, Program Director

"Jason Corsaro"

"Sounds great!..."
- Producer/Engineer - Soundgarden,Madonna, Robert Palmer,Duran Duran, The Power Station

"Y106 Indianapolis"

“I like you guys! … the next Bon Jovi…” - Keith Maddox, Assistant Program Director

"99-7, 99-3 The Point, Durango, CO"

“Wow...I really like this song. I would definitely play this…” - Scott Matthews, Program Director/Morning Show Host

"Vivian Campbell"

“A solid debut!....” - Guitarist - Def Leppard

"Tommy Mandel"

“ my friends in Cherry Suede. Cool sound! Rock on, brothas ...” - Keyboardist, Bryan Adams

"Campus Circle"

“Cherry Suede played to a packed house at The Mint, complete with screaming girls and pop-rock songs dripping with all that is holy to radio programmers” - Brian Loftus

"Sunset Strip Radio"

“…Cherry Suede's inaugural gig in Los Angeles felt more like a triumphant homecoming. A packed wall to wall audience -- weighted heavily in favor of the female gender -- was primed for the show” - Dan Kimpel

"The Chronicle"

"..judging from the reaction their two most recent songs (in Pieces and Miss Jealousy) received at the show, it wont be long before Scott and Young are household names" - Marc Lalonde


Cherry Suede (Album)- 2006
Not a Day Goes By (single)- 2006
At the End of the Day (single) - 2008
I'll Be Waiting (single) - 2011
Little Things (single) - 2012
Saturday Night (single)- 2012
Between Here and There (Album) - 2013



Cherry Suede: Biography

The first day that guitarist/vocalist Randy Young met fellow singer/guitarist Randy Scott, at Young’s Montreal studio in 1999, they recorded a version of their song “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

It was a sign of things to come because today, after over seven years of developing their songwriting partnership, “Since You’ve Been Gone has reemerged as one of the stand-out tracks on Cherry Suede’s self-titled debut album.

They’re established as one of Canada’s most exciting live shows. They bring eminently talented musicians into their projects. What’s next? Young and Scott are taking their music to the people—and the people are going to have fun.

Cherry Suede is all about having a good time. Their poignant songs are fueled by high-impact instrumentation that captures the pure joy of music and pulls the listeners into the song. At a time when most rock music is either heavy or somber, Cherry Suede has found a unique niche by combining the sincerity of rock with the glamour of pop.

Scott and Young recorded a five-song demo and headed to Los Angeles to play the clubs and to distribute their demo to LA radio. Among other venues, Cherry Suede played the Mint, The Whiskey, and took part in the Panasonic Shockwave Core Tour in Santa Monica. Critics were amazed with the band’s energy and their ability to rally the crowd.

Following an appearance at the NEMO festival in Boston Mass, they met audio engineer and producer Rick Slater, who helped to further define their sound. Cherry Suede returned to Ottawa, Canada where they hit the concert circuit, playing sold-out shows across the city. When the Canadian music press caught Cherry Suede in action, the response was enthusiastic. Marc Lalonde of the Montreal Chronicle predicted; “It won’t be long before Scott and Young are household names.”

Cherry Suede’s debut album is a cross-continental effort: L.A. artists including bassist Eric Holden (Josh Groban, Bodeans, Five for Fighting), drummer Craig MacIntyre (Josh Groban, Vertical Horizon), and pianist Zachary Provost (Josh Groban) joined Young and Scott who later added guitars and vocals. The result is a collection that sounds polished and fresh, with air-tight instrumentation and uplifting, “intoxicating” vocals and harmonies.

Since the release of their CD, Cherry Suede finds themselves working harder than ever, and scoring more radio airplay, too. Montreal’s Mix96 and CHOM FM continue to provide airplay, while KOOL-FM in Kitchener, Ontario is the newest station to get on-board. Festival dates are coming fast and furious, with dates in Canada; Clarksburg, WV (a crowd as large as 25,000 are expected to be on hand; Delaware; Pennsylvania; and New York.

There’s also a new live DVD with four new songs that will also be included in the third pressing of the CD. The band’s first single, “Not a Day Goes By” has been licensed for international TV, as well as finding a home on countless podcasts, webcasts and websites from countries like Japan, Germany, England and Australia .

Critics, radio and friends of the band find Cherry Suede both fun and refreshing . Randi Plante, evenings at Mix 96 in Montreal: “Album is fantastic! Vocals are very fresh and new! Guitar is great! Overall the album is fun, new and unlike anything else out there right now! The world needs to hear about Cherry Suede!”