Cherry Tempo

Cherry Tempo


A refreshing blend of pop sensibility, hard-rock bombast and progressive dynamics. Think The Smashing Pumpkins if they were fronted by John Lennon.


The Cherry Tempo formed in Santa Fe, NM in early 2005, Based on a foundation of material left over Javier Romero’s prior band Mistletoe, their first year as a band found them garnering comparisons such as “Elvis Costello with more synths” or "an even poppier John Vanderslice". They gained nearly instant attention from the Santa Fe music and gallery scene, by simply sounding nothing like anybody in the area. By their first year as a band, they’d completed their first self-titled album, and lost their keyboardist David Bodelson as he went on to pursue a blooming art career in Philadelphia.

Pared down to a four-piece, 2006 has seen The Cherry Tempo finding their group identity. In the wake of their self-titled release on June Records, they’ve gained nationwide airplay in the college and independent radio markets, accolades from the musical blog community and found themselves on the soundtrack of a VHQTV Singapore production entitled "The Adventures of Holden Heng".

In 2008 Cherry Tempo are hitting their stride as a formidable live touring act and as recording artists. With a songs featured on a handful of episodes on The Real World, they are asserting themselves on a national level. They are currently poised to release their 2nd album The Hunter and The Fog, which finds them exploring darker, somewhat more political territory. With William Phillip’s Stuwart Copeland by way of Jimmy Chaimberlin drumming, Jasper Schriber’s John Paul Jones bass style, Dave Jordan’s Cure-like guitar soundscapes, and Javier Romero’s Beatlesque songwriting and soaring voice, it’s clear that The Cherry Tempo are becoming a budding rock tour-de-force.


New Album out 2008!

Self-titled Album Released July 25, 2006

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30 - 45 minutes

All original material