Portland, Oregon, USA

“CHERVONA” – is an International Upbeat Folk (Gypsy, klezmer, Dixieland, Polka, Punk, Disco and much more) band and ultimate dance party machine based in Portland, OR, USA.

Mixing together taste and passion of the best Gypsy, Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer and Balkan musical traditions, Chervona brings the spirits of Eastern European carnivals to the land of America.


With their authenticity and genuine fire Chervona has stolen many hearts. Shining with their brass section and capturing soul with the traditional sounds of the old world and new interpretations, Chervona transforms a celebration into an ultimate party!

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and pretty underwear - Chervona's parties are known for people dancing all night and taking off their clothes!

In addition to countless street and club performances around pacific NW Chervona has played quite a few big stages, among them: Bite of Oregon, Northwest Folk Life festival in Seattle, Slavic Festival and Oregon Country Fair in Eugene, Red Marines festival in California, Under Volcano Festival in Vancouver (BC), Portland Polish Festival, Portland Pirate Festival, April Fool’s Day Carnivals, Revolution Party in Portland and many others. During its first 6 years Chervona has played over 350 performances all over NW of America. Thousands of people from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles watched, listened and danced to Chervona's music calling Chervona - Best NW Party Band!


Chervona's repertoire includes traditional hits from the late 19th century with a Gypsy, Klezmer, Russian and Eastern European and flavor. That's not the limit of what Chervona plays. They easily adapt pieces from a diverse number of cultures and are constantly composing original material as well. Their songs have been described as "funny, sarcastic, educational, socially conscious and beautiful." Their lyrics aren't limited to a single language, either; they sing in
English, Russian, Spanish, Polish and German.


This unique multicultural ensemble has Russian, Armenian, Jewish, Italian, Brazilian, German, Argentinean and Kazakh roots. Three of the band members are immigrants from the former USSR and the rest were born in the United States.


"It is impossible to describe Chervona's sound without sounding ridiculous. Vagabonding gypsy folk-punk? Russian fever-folk? Neo-Bohemian dance-rock? Punk/big band fusion? Regardless, Chervona's musical styling is raucously unique... What stands out the most is Chervona's lack of reliance on flimsy kitsch. They are adamant about being seen not as another band that uses its Eastern European heritage as a gimmick. Rather, they set out to make the best possible
music they know how, regardless of their background."
-- Pat Moran, The Deli Magazine


Oregon Country Fair - Chela Mela Stage, 2011
Rose Garden Amphitheater – featured band for Washington Park Concert for City Of Portland 2011
Live Wire! - guests for the OPB program at Alberta Rose Theater in March 2011
Portland Community College - Art Beat Festival , 2011 and featured band in 2012.
Bite of Oregon – Portland, Oregon, prime time, main stage performance 2008
Bite of Salem – Salem, Oregon, prime time, main stage performance 2008
Portland International Film Festival and Art Museum – closing party band in 2010
PICA - Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts
Seattle Folk Life Festival- 2008, 2009, 2010 Main stage performer. Included on in 2010 Best Bands CD compilation.
Portland Polish Festival - Chervona headlined the festival in 2009, 2010 and 2011, scheduled for 2012
Portland Pirate Festival - headlined the festival in 2010 and 2011, scheduled for 2012
The Deli Magazine - Chervona won Portland Best of 2010 Fans' Poll and was recognized as N6 best emerging
Portland’s artists 2010.
City of Portland and Mayor Sam Adams - Chervona played for Burnside Bridge renovation ceremony in 2010.
Live Wire! - guests for the OPB program in March 2011
McMenamin’s – Chervona has marched through many big celebrations in their kingdom
Rogue Brewery - Imperial Red celebration and Bones and Brews block party festival 2008
McMinnville’s UFO Parade, 2008
Portland German American Society – played numerous events for the community members
Slavic Festival Eugene, OR 2007 and 2009
Slavic Festival


Reality Show

Written By: Temkin, Ryskin, Laskoniene

I am the host of the reality show
You're gonna watch
and I'm gonna show you,
I'll show you something
That you have never seen before

Remember that there was the word in the beginning
But you need to smoke some
To get it's meaning
And then you started feeling
Really wonderful

But watch! Here he comes
Santa Claus!
Delivering presents from his cookoo house
His spouse and Mickey Mouse
Dancing on the floor

There is so much shite
on this crystal blue planet
But shall we just keep it
About it quiet
Or shall we scream and shout
Like April fools?

Ochi Chyornie

Written By: Traditional

Oh, Gypsy melody
That has haunted me
Won't you set me free?
Oh, my memory
All the time we waste
All the paths we trace
All the time we waste!
And so endlessly

Ochi chyornie...


Chervona’s first 6 songs EP “Quick and Dirty” was self produced published. Thousands copies was sold during Chervona shows in 2008 – 2012.
Chervona’s second EP “Chervona beat my heart!” will hit the streets only by the spring of 2011.
Album “Chervona Live at Mississippi” recorded at Mississippi Studios is available in 2011.