Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen

 Martinsville, Indiana, USA
BandCountryA Capella


Currently I am doing work in writing songs. I have several genres that I am working my way through to give a variety to my works. I began my life as the daughter of a man and woman who loved Lorretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Ernest Tubb (my sister Pattys personal favorite) and I loved Roger Miller songs. Another early influence happened when Bobby Helms moved to my hometown. He was introduced to my father when my father was working for a contractor who was hired to build Bobby's new home. We would attend Nashville Indianas Little Nashville, and Bill Monroes campground located near Nashville, Indiana. I think the first song I wrote at thirteen was influenced by Marie Osmond who was introduced as a country artist following in her brothers footsteps but branching into another genre of music. From there my concentration was simply on poetry, with my starting piano lessons at about twenty three, though I have never gone beyond learning the scale and that was so many years ago. I joined a theatre group and while I was a performer with them, I took voice lessons from a classical trained musician who directed me in a stage performance of Steal Magnolias.
I personally am a sibling of three other children, and we recently lost one of my sisters. Three girls and one boy. As someone who loved family and their happiness I put a lot of emphasis in my life to making them happy and giving up my free time to help them while I worked two sometimes three jobs putting myself through school in several different areas of study. Only to find myself back in school now at fifty two because someone doesn't like the education that I already have. But at least I have worked and led a productive life until someone shoved me to the ground and held me down shoving my head under water (that is a metaphor for saying other people to like to make life rougher for me, and easier for them). I had been envolved in several activities that I have enjoyed to have them ripped from me and everytime they want me to get over the attack on my character and life, do something more severe and tell me life is not only competition but if I sue for retaliation they will retaliate if I retaliate they will sue me. Someone put it best when they told me it is only a fight if you hit back so don't hit back or it becomes your fault that it is a fight.
Would I say I couldn't live without singing or writing? Maybe but my life wouldn't be complete if I had to give up the things that I love. Also if life is about others saying life is for the fit or the best than I would say alot of performers would not be where they were if those alone were the rules of music and the industry. Furthermore we as Americans are taken away and constitutional values by a legal system and government that is unyielding and unfair in dispersment of justice and fairness. Likewise all of the self called help and causes that infringe on others rights, ( I actually was attacked as a child who was molested by a civil rights group that protected the molesters right to molest why because they felt it was his right to molest me and they protected his rights more so than my own) that lesson in life has strung out over my fifty two year life. I stood up for child abuse, I stood up for neglect, and participated in relays for cancer until...they turned their backs on me to take the money from me by force that I had worked for and sustained injuries for to give money to someone else. So when someone approaches me about quiting smoking, I have to laugh. Like someone who is a vegan and attacks a person who eats meat to the point they are willing to poison meat to detour people from eating meat. We have enough self help groups that are mare do wellers who like to live somebody elses life, they have such a bad life that one is not enough. Yes I am saying I am my own person and make my own decisions. What that has gotten me is a judiciary who says oh yeah we will tell you where to live and if you can live, talk to and be friends with. So much for Christain values and knowing or rationalizing they were acting in my best interest, I have earned less money under their opinions than I have in my life. Funny those who judge you don't like their opinions questioned. But it says Judge ye not lest ye be judged. The beginning of my life is overdue, I have worked too much and too long of hours to need to rely on being married to succeed. I can only say that those who have imposed that judgment on me have been the ones who have held me in limbo for their own personal jollies. I would be successful by now and have all I want and need if they would have just been fair to me.
I look forward to music and listening to music. I dreamed of being married and having children and knew it would come as soon as I was successful as a person and individual. But alas someone said I was an incomplete person, and started making decisions for me and screwed my life up for me, I was on the right track and I was correct. I hoped to p


Dogs Drool When Women Rule

Written By: Cheryl D. Allen

My baby likes to hang around with finer things
He buys me diamond rings and other girly things
But when it comes to lovin he just has no clue
He tries to tell me where to go and what to do

It don't take a whole lot of cash
Just to tell somebody they can kiss your ass
Hot cars and diamond rings
when your a jerk they don't mean a thing
And dogs drool
when women rule

My baby likes to think that he is just so cool
You lovem and you leavem is his golden rule
We'll let me tell you something I am no mans fool
So let me give you lessons from the girls rule school

It don't take a whole lot of cash
just to tell somebody they can kiss you ass
Hot cars and diamond rings
When your a jerk they don't mean a thing
and dogs drool
when women rule

Leave God behind you

Written By: Cheryl D. Allen

Leave God behind you
As you walk out that door
Leave God behind you
As you rise off the floor
Leave God behind you
As you make your mistakes
With the sins that you make
Transgretiions won't even matter no more
So leave God behind you
As you walk out that door

Preacher was talkin
Last Sunday morn
Bout a new life and
Christains and being reborn
Said now bow your heads
As your knees hit the floor
And leave God behind you
As you walk out the door


He talked about forgiveness
And makin a plan
How Jesus stood on
this earth as a man
He died for our sins
So that others might live
As a man he gave
All he could give


He stood at the front
Near a alter and gate
He told of the things
That the devil would hate
A small sacrafice
would be what it takes
To enter and meet God
At heaven pearly gates

Jesus eternal life and
he talked bout love
the honest and true gift
sent from heaven above
said richness will come to
those willing to wait
how sins wash awsy
and it is never too late

It is never too late
to be born in his name
life maybe fun
salvations no game
Leave God behind you
As you walk out the door
Next Sunday your heads bow
as your knees hit the floor
to ask for forgiveness
one time and once more
So leave God behind you
As you walk out the door
transgretions wont even matter no more
So leave God behind you as you walk out the door.

Nothing Says I gotta Rich Daddy in the music business like my Mercedes Benz

Written By: Cheryl Allen

My ride is nice
That aint a pun
I get going
And have some fun
Spin some rubber
Motor running
I'm not a snob
Just a rich comeing

Hell on Wheels
Fast cars a must
Ford and Chrysler
can eat my dust
Chevy Impala
Toyota too
other kids drive them
The fast car zoo.

Go down the street
Everything in place
to where we'll meet
There'll be a race
Last car or fast car
can't race for slips
To young to own them
Its just for kicks.

Other kids have them
I aint a snob
Yah I'm good looking
And don't need a job
but nothin says
I gotta rich daddy
In the music business
like my Mercedes Benz

No I'm not a snob
not acting tough
But sometimes it
Just takes something tough
Just to win and
I'm not a fool
Trying to be me
Just acting cool

Hell on Wheels
and born to raise
a little hell
in a smokey haze
My ridde is nice
that ain't no pun
I'm just a rich kid
Who likes to have fun

Other kids have 'em
I ain't no snob
coz nothing says
Yah I'm good looking
and don't need a job
I gotta rich daddy
in the music business
like my Mercedes Benz

Silver and Gold
Fast speed boats
big shopping trips
and real fur coats
But nothing says
I gotta rich daddy
In the music business,
movie business,
medical profession,
Legal profession,
NFL franchise business
oh you fill in the blank
Like my Mercedes Benz