Cheryl Arena

Cheryl Arena


The audience response upon first hearing Cheryl wail on the harp has gone from "Wow I've never heard a woman play like that before." to "I've never heard ANYONE play like that."


Live is the ticket for the Cheryl Arena band. Her energetic performance matched with her prowess on the harmonica and vocals will literally BLOW YOU AWAY!
Always surrounding herself with the best musicians in the business you can be sure to be in for an unforgettable experience whenever you catch one of Cheryl's shows.
Her most recent cd "BLUES GOT ME" features Duke Robillard on guitar and was also produced and recorded at Duke's studio in Rhode Island.
Hailing from Boston Massachusetts Cheryl honed her skills on harmonica in the driver's seat of a big black limousine. "It was the best job I ever had..I got paid to practice my instrument".
Traveling extensively around the country has afforded Cheryl the opportunity to to open for and play with several blues legends.
Cheryl has recently relocated to Dallas Texas.
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Listen To What I Say

Written By: Cheryl Arena

I've been talkin' to you one time
Talkin' to you twice
But you never listen to me
Don't take my advice

You've got to listen babe
Listen to what I say
'Cuz if you don't listen to me
I'm gonna keep on talkin' anyway

Now I can tell you what I'm thinkin'
Tell you what's the deal
But if you don't listen to me
How am I supposed to feel ?

I know that you've been drinkin'
You know that it aint right
Well if you'd only listen to me
Then we wouldn't have to fight

Love Gone Wrong

Written By: Cheryl Arena

Every night I lie awake
Listening to my poor heart break
Tears rollin' down my cheeks
Baby I'm to scared to speak

If you love me let me know
But if you don't please let me go
Life's too short for wasting time
Just let me go babe I'll be fine

Where did our love go wrong?
I always thought it was so strong
My love for you will never die
But I refuse to live a lie

Think about it you know it's true
This love we share could be renewed
Why must we always fuss and fight?
Why can't everything just be alright?

Baby put your hand in mine
Just say you'll love me one more time
A love like ours is hard to find
If you can't see that you must be blind

Shave It

Written By: Cheryl Arena

If you don't feel like shavin' baby
Then leave my neck alone
That mean old stubbly feeling
Is gonna cut me to the bone

You better go into that washroom
and shave that stubble off
Cuz I like a man that's rugged
But I don't like 'em rough

So shave it, shave that stubble off
You better shave it babe
Shave that stubble off
You better shve that stubble off
If you wanna get along with me

My skin is tender and soft
And I don't need you rippin' it off
You better march yourself right in the can
If you wanna be my lovin' man

You must be awfully brave to kiss me when you haven't shaved
I'm gonna tell you one more time
I don't need no porcupine


Blues Got Me
13 songs
7 originals penned by Cheryl
produced by Duke Robillard

Set List

Sets usually consist of two 75 minute shows.
The material is a mix of originals and covers of all styles of blues.