Cheryl Bartlett

Cheryl Bartlett

 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
BandWorldAdult Contemporary

Cheryl Bartlett offers original songs reflecting universal themes accompanied by world and island rhythms. Cheryl's music features ear-pleasing melodies in contemporary acoustic arrangements. Language and musical influences range from Brazilian bossa-nova to Hawaiian hula and middle-eastern dance.


Cheryl Bartlett is an award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and speech-language pathologist residing in the state of Hawai'i. Cheryl attributes her appreciation of the arts and all things creative to her musical family and her international roots in Norway, Guam, California, West Virginia, and Hawai'i. As a former Miss Hawai'i, Cheryl has enjoyed the opportunity to sing Hawaiian music as a promotional representative in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Western Samoa, and across the mainland United States. A love of dance has brought the rhythms of Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Spain, and the Middle East into Cheryl's body of work. Cheryl's work has been featured in two independent films, as well as numerous stage plays and musicals. Her music video "Fallen Woman" was recently nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano Award in Hawai'i as Music Video of the Year for 2009. Cheryl performs in various restaurant, lounge, festival, and concert venues throughout the year. When she is not performing or writing, Cheryl serves the children of Hawai'i with special needs as a licensed speech-language pathologist.


Like Ocean

Written By: Cheryl Bartlett

Like Ocean

Floating, falling, like water on my skin,
Keep your eyes on me,
Breathing, moving like ocean in your arms,
Rhythm of the sea,
You think you’re something baby,
Well maybe, I agree,
Something about you moves me, you soothe me,

You love me like the ocean,
Over and over,
Like the ocean,
I’m into you,
Like the ocean, the ocean, the ocean,
Love me again,

You float, you fall like water,
On my skin,
Keep your etes on me,
You breathe, you move like ocean,
Next to me,
Rhythm of the sea,
I’m moving with you baby,
I’m knowing what to do,
Just like a wave you break through,
I want you,

To love me like the ocean, over and over…

I feel you, the real you,
I know you, I’ll hold you,

I’ll love you like the ocean,…


Cheryl's debut CD of 12 original songs, "Like Ocean, Like Lace" was released in October of 2008 to critical praise. Selections from the CD and an accompanying music video may be heard/seen on Cheryl's Myspace site,

Set List

When presenting the originals, a set list may be listed as:

"Sol" (affectionately known as a baby bossa-nova.
"House in Pauoa" (with an island/latin feel)
"Like Ocean" (rhythmic and hypnotic, pop song)
"Can I Touch Your Heart" (love song)
""Ocean Girl" (surfer-gil bossa-nova)
"Aloha U'ilani" (slack-key hula in a traditional style)
""A Million Miles" (slow samba)
"Renda Branca" (samba with Portuguese lyrics)
"Beaded Blues" (classical blues)
"Respirando" (love song reflecting Andes rhythm)
"Beyond the Walls" (soft rock graduation song)
"Fallen Woman" (for the belly dancers)

Cheryl can also offer standards from the American songbook, jazz, and pop repertoire.