Cheryl Fare

Cheryl Fare

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Accomplished singer/songwriter, author of Seven Steps to Positive Living, inspiring speaker and educator, with an extensive performing arts resume – Cheryl Fare’s presentations combine the grounded delivery of a show business veteran, with messages both thought provoking and humorous.


When Cheryl Fare graduated from high school, she moved to Wyoming to work on a dude ranch. One of her finest credits as a professional actress lists her as playing Mom & Giant #3 in a touring children’s production of The Brave Little Tailor. In addition to those choice details, Cheryl Fare brings a wealth of life experience to her work as an inspirational speaker and educator, a compelling writer of songs and prose, and a prolific creator and producer of performing arts. After many years as an actor and stage manager in professional theatre, Cheryl now writes short plays on spiritual themes, directs a thriving Reader's Theatre ’s program at her home church (Unity Christ Chruch of Bon Air), and teaches theatre on the adjunct faculty of Randolph Macon College. Cheryl's work in professional theatre came to an unexpected halt in 1999, when her then 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. (Treatments have been very successful.) While learning the ropes of managing a life-threatening illness, music became a salve for the weary soul, and an outlet for the creative healing process. As a songwriter, Cheryl’s newly released collection of original songs, Springfield, is a fun and intriguing blend of jazz, blues, and folk rock. Described as “intimate and laid back, vulnerable and haunting”, Springfield takes the listener on a “powerful, sultry, and captivating” journey - “Like all good blues artists, she lets you know you’re not alone.” As an actor, Cheryl has appeared in numerous TV commercials and industrial videos, and feature films. A native of Springfield, VA, Cheryl is a happily married mother of 2 teens.


In Seven Steps to Positive Living, Cheryl Fare presents a self-help program designed for those who would like to introduce moments of quiet contemplation into their hectic lives. For this innovative project, Cheryl collaborates with Katie McCall, nationally known voice and on-camera talent, and healing practitioner. Together, Cheryl and Katie bring you a collection of 7 easy and accessible guided meditations, each under ten minutes, designed to support you in areas of your life such as: positive health, positive interactions, positive relationships, and positive self. Tapping into universal themes of human experience, Cheryl brings about a program that examines essential truths of our existence, and enables the listener to create building blocks for a truly positive and productive life. Written at a time when her father was slowly succumbing to congestive heart failure, Cheryl sees this work as a road map to overcoming the negative influences we allow to limit our true potential as agents of love. The calm reassurance of Katie’s McCall’s voice, combined with the foundation of a soothing music bed, makes Seven Steps to Positive Living a fine way to begin a new and better phase in your life, or reinforce the lessons that frame your current bliss.

Set List

Inspiring Messages Grounded in Honesty and Humor - Suited to the Needs and Interests of Your Group

Special Message Available Upon Request - A Parent's Saga, Cheryl's Journey Raising a Child with Brain Tumor

Workshops & Classes:

Putting Positive Thinking Into Practice! A practical and inspiring workshop featuring material from the nationally-known guided meditation program, Seven Steps to Positive Living. Presented in One Condensed 3-hour Session, or a Series of seven In-Depth 2-Hour Sessions

The Basics of Teaching, Adult Education from a Spiritual Foundation - Designed to Enhance the Process of Leading Groups of Adults in Professional or Community Formats, Presented as a Brief Survey in one 3-Hour Session, or more fully in three 2-Hour Classes

Readers' Theatre 101 - How to Develop a Fun and Thought-Provoking Theatre Program from the Ground Up! One 3-Hour Session, followed by Ongoing Online or Phone Support