Cheryl Paille

Cheryl Paille


Cheryl Paillé is on her way to becoming Canada’s next Country music female Icon. “Cheryl will be the voice, the face, and the personality of Country music in this country… She can connect with a song, and to an audience, like no one else I have ever seen.” – Danny Schur


Cheryl hits the stage and instantly convinces her audience that she belongs there -- the mark of a true entertainer. Her performances are honest and high energy. With one look at her warm, inviting smile, and the first sound of her voice, you’ll be captivated. Her strong, clean style of singing is a definite trademark that lends itself to a myriad of different country styles.

Cheryl Paillé has been an entertainer since her early childhood, and for the last ten years has been singing up a storm in local Winnipeg venues. Owning the city’s most successful karaoke business, plus hosting and singing, eventually led to releasing her first CD called “Covers” in 2003. This project -- a compilation of assorted cover tunes from various shows -- received surprising success.

Her fan base and supporters exhausted the initial CD order in the first six months of its release. Radio interviews, and an opportunity to open 2003’s “Country Jam in the Park” soon allowed her name to spread beyond expectations.

With a new recording contract under her belt, and a solid repertoire of new material at her disposal, Cheryl has teamed up with legendary producer/writer Danny Schur for her new album “Love Is Blind… But The Neighbours Ain’t” to be released winter of 2004.

Cheryl is also in the process of creating a country music tribute show… “Cheryl’s Roadhouse Cafe”. This variety show will highlight her natural talent and charisma. It will also help to showcase both established and aspiring local musicians. It would bring to light the music careers of leading country women by the likes of Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Shania Twain. Cheryl will add the final touch by performing a number of her own new songs to close out the show.

Cheryl develops a strong sense of community wherever she goes. Her volunteer work on 2002’s Winnipeg Harvest Christmas CD shows this. Lending her vocals to two great holiday songs definitely added a modern flavor to this project. Add to this, five years of entertaining at a local retirement home and you’ve got proof of one big heart.

Be on the lookout for this Winnipeg-based country singer as her new album hits the stores this winter. New and refreshing, this album will be a hit with country music fans around the country!


Lent her voice to the charity driven Winnipeg Harvest Christmas CD released 2002
Covers released 2003
Love Is Blind… But The Neighbours Ain’t released 2004