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The Memory of You

Written By: Cheryl Stewart

“The Memory of You”
Written by: Cheryl Stewart

Verse 1: I can’t believe that it’s come to this.
So hard to think that this might be our last kiss.
You say that you’ll come back,
And that is what I wish.
But before you go, let me tell you this…

Chorus: If, I never see your face
Or feel your warm embrace,
I know that I still have you here in my heart.
And, if, my walls come tumblin’ down
And you’re no where around,
I know I’m safe with just the memory of you.

Verse 2: Sometimes life deals a bad hand.
I want this all to be the way that we had planned.
I know our love can conquer anything.
And together we’ll face what life may bring…


Bridge: Love is a crazy thing that’s so hard to understand.
But with fate on our side, there’s no need to hide…
Our love will never end.


I know I’m safe, with just the memory of you.

Why Did You Leave

Written By: Cheryl Stewart

“Why Did You Leave?”
Written By: Cheryl Stewart

Verse 1: I wanna know, why did you leave
And break my heart so easily?
I cry every night as I fall asleep,
Thinking of how great our love was to me.
A life that was one, was torn in two…
And now my soul is so lost without you.

Chorus: I know you still love me,
I see it in your eyes…
The way that you held me as you said good-bye.
Was this just a crazy game
You wanted to play?
Why did you leave, when I know you wanted to stay?

Verse 2: I wanna ask, how does it feel,
To try and ignore a love that’s so real?
Where do you hide, tell me where do you go?
Tell me your secret ‘cause I need to know.
I wish you could see this the way that I do…
Then you would see, I’m so in love with you.


Oh, why did you leave, when I know you wanted to stay?