cheryl tsai

cheryl tsai


Soulful, medlodic songs with a rock edge. Sexy, feminine indie rock with a soft side.


Cheryl is an actress and singer. She's appeared in numerous films and television shows and performed with the rock band Squamata before going solo in 2005. Influenced by classics like Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens as well as modern indies like Cat Power and Neko Case, Cheryl delivers a unique sound all her own.


In My Dreams

Written By: Cheryl Tsai

In my dreams

somebody once told me
you loved to laugh
that I would have loved you
if we’d ever crossed paths

somebody once told me
no one really dies
they just become angels
way up in the skies

cumulus clouds they stir up the sky
yellows and reds and the blues in your eyes
I see you you walkin thru fields and thru streams
I see you callin me
smile in my dreams

my father once told me
love will set you free
you can’t hold on forever
you can only find peace

my mother she told me
your life was a gift
the moments are fleeting
the passing so swift


here in my bed in the middle of the night
when I wake up alone only darkness in sight
I feel you you’re lifting my chin in your hands
and telling me everything’s fine, there’s nothing to fear, no one to fight
everything’s gonna be alright.

chorus x2
somebody once told me
you loved to laugh
now I know I still love you
though we’ve never crossed paths.

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