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The best kept secret in music


"S.L.A.M. OMAHA - "The Buzz""


The 9's, Cheshire Grin The Buzz July 10th, 2001-Interview with The 9’s -Review of Cheshire Grin’s new disc-Show reviews for past 10 days-Upcoming shows-This weeks releases

Cheshire Grin-Cat O’ Nine Tales
The news about the new Cheshire Grin CD has been leaking out of varied places over the past month. Rock bands, singer-songwriters, soundmen, and studio engineers have been praising, hyping, and having spur of the moment round table discussions about the sound quality and strength of Cat O’ Nine Tales. Cheshire Grin is one of Omaha’s longest running bands, but because of the fact that they have been predominantly a cover band; they haven’t received much respect from “credible” music circles. Now with rock music back in a big way the band has taken the experience and chops they have gained from the cover band circuit and headed to the studio with a batch of original tunes. To be exact they headed to WareHouse studio-the place where producer Jim Homan has been making some of the most talked about records in town recently-and he may have outdone himself with the production on Cat O’ Nine Tales. Cheshire Grin’s song-list for their cover band gigs includes songs from artists ranging from Creed and Candlebox to Prince and The Police. The new disc finds the band focusing their sound more towards the C bands, but they nail this sound with a couple of P’s-precision and passion. The album is filled with aggressive rock tunes that could, and probably will, find themselves on many hard alternative radio play lists. Troy Tompkins vocals are emotional, powerful, and can be quite melodic at times. Mark Marquez’s guitar playing combines heavy riffs, classic shredding, and technical soloing with class and tact avoiding becoming the show off guitar hero he probably could be, and drummer Mark Rothermund keeps everything together with a solid and heavy style. The bands focus is on the songs and being an aggressive concrete musical entity. The sound the band is going for on the album isn’t an original one, but each song contains jagged dirty hooks and grooves both musically and vocally that will have people pumping their fists and nodding their heads in unison. I don’t think that any of the current national bands that Cheshire Grin could be compared too have as consistent of a collection of potential hit songs as this album does. Cheshire Grin has backed these songs up with outstanding production, experienced and talented musicianship, and professional looking packaging to house the disc. This dedication and attention to detail should pay off for the band as their large fan base will be very satisfied with Cat O’ Nine Tales, and they may even receive a few sniffs from a couple of big dogs in the music industry.

- Marq Manner


10 Bands, an all day tribute to the bad boys of rock and roll, Motley Crue…
8 months of preparation went into to planning this event…. 4 months for Sugarbuzz Magazine as a sponsor. I could not believe the day was finally here…and believe it or not I almost missed my plane… but that is a whole different story.
Cheshire Grin began their set at 6:15 as the 4th band to hit the Whisky A Go Go stage. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Cheshire Grin proved that the Midwest rocks just as hard as the east or west coasts. In fact
Cheshire Grin was one of the better unsigned acts that I have had the opportunity to see. They have that modern rock, radio friendly feel; yet they didn't sound like every band you hear when you tune in your local rock station. The song “Release” was my favorite of the night, but the entire set proved to be nothing less than fantastic. Check out to purchase the debut release “Cat O Nine Tales” and to find out more about Pat Bressman (guitar) Troy Tompkins (bass/vocals) Mark Rothermund (drums) and Mark Marquez (guitar/keyboard).

- Tracy Stevens


Cat o' Nine Tales
- - Released 7/01
- - Sold in excess of 2500 copies in 1 year

- - Released April 25, 2003 500 copies sold within 6 weeks.


Feeling a bit camera shy


* Formed-1995, founding members
* Nationally sponsored by
Jagermeister (Sydney Frank
* Website hits since 1999 - over
57,000 hits
* Sold in excess of 2500 of their
debut release “Cat o’ Nine Tales”
in the first year

- 1995 debut – playing cutting-edge
rock covers.
- Immediately awarded “a” clubs
based on draw.
- Winner - 1997 Motley Crue, “Kick
Start Your Heart” contest.
- Has held the title, top-draw for 6

- October 1999 earned
Jagermeister sponsorship.
- May 2001, only local artist
invited to perform in an all-
national lineup - sponsored by
93.3 the dam (KRQC) Rockfest tour
with 16 national artists.
- July 2001 – debut CD release, Cat
o’ Nine Tales.
- CD release party drew 2000+ fans
from regional locations.
- Homer’s records, local record
store chain, reports sales for
Cat o’ Nine Tales within top 5 in
2001 overall. (including
national & local artists.)
- Homer’s records reports
Cheshire Grin within top 20 for
local record sales since 2001
- Sold 2500 CD’s within one year.
- 2001 - charted on Soundscan’s
- 2001 – added to Jägermeister's
compilation CD that is
distributed internationally.
- Receives airplay on the
following stations:
* Big 12 Internet Radio –
Lincoln, NE (no longer in
- regular rotation 10am to 7pm
* 93.3 the dam, clear channel
(KRQC) – Omaha, NE
- “Release” – light rotation, 7pm
to midnight, Mon –Sat
- New release “Contagious”
- Most requested local song
7pm to 12 am, Mon - Sat
* 92.3 Z-92 (KEZO) – Omaha, NE
- Local music hour
* 89.7 The River, (KIWR) – Omaha, NE
- Local music hour
* 98.7 the wild, (WLLD) Tampa, Fl
- Local music hour
- June 2002 - one of 10 unsigned
bands to perform at Cruefest
2002, held at the famous Whiskey
A Go-Go in Los Angeles,
- 2000 & 2001 - headlined 2nd stage,
local 40-band bill, Rockfest
- Invited to perform three consecutive
Jagermeister music tours:
- 2001 Bloodhound Gang,
Beautiful Creatures – Moorhead
State University
- 2002 Drowning Pool, 40 Below
Summer, Ill Nino – Denver.
- 2003 Saliva, Breaking Benjamin,
hed PE, Systematic, Stereomud –
Kansas City, Missouri

- Opened for the following
national artists: 30 Seconds To
Mars, 311, Beautiful Creatures,
Bloodhound Gang, Breaking
Benjamin, Buck Cherry, Coal
Chamber. Cold, Disturbed,
Drowning Pool, Dust For Life,
Econoline Crush, Godhead, Ill
Nino, Injected, Jackyl, Kitty,
Marilyn Manson, Mesh, Monster
Magnet, Motley Crue, Oleander,
Pete, Professional Murder Music,
Saliva, Skid Row, Sponge,
Stabbing Westward, Staind,
Stereo Mud, Stone Temple Pilots,
Tantric, Tesla, The Hunger, Vince
Neil, Warrant.

Cheshire grin, a hard-edged modern rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, was the brainchild of guitarist Pat Bressman and bassist/vocalist Troy Tompkins. Formed in 1995, pat and troy were looking to create a band that could rock hard, sometimes real hard, without losing that killer hook that make listeners love music in the first place. Omaha back then was a tough market dominated by top 40 cover acts and a lack of original music venues. Cheshire Grin decided that the best way to break into the market was by playing new rock covers and mix in their own originals. The road was a tough one at first, and the line up changed a few times, but the band’s line-up was solidified in 1997 when they hooked up with powerhouse drummer mark Rothermund and guitar/keyboard player Mark Marquez.

In late 1997 Cheshire Grin entered the Motley Crue “Kick Start Your Career” contest through local radio station Z-92 (KEZO). The plan was for four bands to battle it out on Halloween night in true rock-n-roll fashion--a battle of the bands! Only this was -the battle of the cover bands. Cheshire Grin stole the show and opened for Motley Crue in February ’98. The band parlayed that chance into becoming the top drawing club band in Omaha, a title which they have held for over 6 years consistently adding new fans to their devoted following. Cheshire Grin was awarded a national sponsorship from Jagermeister, which is distributed by Sydney Frank Importing.

In July 2001, Cheshire Grin played to a sold out crowd numbering in excess of 1500 to release their much-anticipated CD “Cat o’ Nine Tales”. This nine song CD that received rave reviews for both its music and production. Recorded at Warehouse Studios with “HOT Omaha producer” Jim Homan, Cat o’ Nine Tales would eventually become one of the top sellers in the Omaha market for the year. Three songs from CD received local airplay with the song “Release” receiving consistent airplay on 93.3 KRQC. They also received airplay on