Sharjah, Ash Shāriqah, ARE

We just love doin' what we do, and enjoy writing new songs, and come'n up with our music. We are deffinately passionate about this, and what is different bout us is...well..when we perform record we put our everything into it!! Our songs are what we have gone through, how we got through !! =)


My name is Chasidy-a.k.a... Chesi ;)

I have always loved music and have always wrote my own songs,and I play guitar,keyboard, and I play drums aswell.My goal is to be the best I can-and just get people to listen to what I have to say, and maybe help them get through.Everything that I write is about my life, what I went through, experience, and Love, and highschool, and my message I'd like to pass on is this: Never Ever Give up!!! Follow your dreams until it becomes a reality...and that is what I plan to do ;)
Now the music that I do is: rocker edge,and pop,and I have to say a few songs of mine are country.I grew up in Canada in the Country so it reminded me of home..But I love rock, hense, that is my main genre, and pop-rock =)
My influences are:
3)lincoln park
4)jason derelo
5)Adam Lambert
7)Miley Cyrus( to an extent)
9)black-eyed peas
10)Taylor Swift
11)Beyonce(love how she writes he songs)