Chessie Chaney

Chessie Chaney

 Jamaica, New York, USA

I'm a Singer/Songwriter and my genre is Pop/R&B/Soul. I started singing at the tender of 3 and when I write my songs I love that I can truly express my feelings and that I can relate to certain circumstances within my environment. This allows me to soul search and bring out my best.


I'm an Actress, Singer, Songwriter, who was born to Carl and Emily Chaney and raised in Queens, New York. My latest 'Hit Original Songs' CRUSH and We'll Dance All Night can be heard on and on Jango Airplay. You can visit me on My Space at: My TV and Film Credits can be seen at:

I'm very serious about my music and when I write I'm able to express my emotions. My first song, We'll Dance All Night is Pop and CRUSH is R&B. I'm recording my third song now and it's Rock. My Father is a Deacon so Gospel is also in my genre. 'Stay Strong', the soundtrack from Broken Harmonies, can also be heard on TweenPop Radio. It's written and produced by Karl F. Hohn. Broken Harmonies is an Educational Short Film that I starred in, sponsored by The City Of New York and Start Strong Bronx It has a positive message Re: Ending teen dating violence and abuse.

As far as my style, I'm exploring my options because It's what I feel I need to do. My Vocal Coach, Craig Derry is very encouraging! When people ask me which artist do I sound like, my response is ''I sound like Chessie.'' I have my own uniqueness and style and I'll always carry that with me.


CRUSH, We'll Dance All Night & Stay Strong
are currently on Tween Pop Radio Top Forty Chart and on Jango Radio.