Chesterfield Rock

Chesterfield Rock


Genre: Chesterfield Rock- a soft comfortable rock, caught somewhere in between. Don't let our easy-listening tunes fool you though…our stage show will have you off your seat and on your feet.


Josh, Carter, Aaron and Shawn are four friends who have combined their talents to perform as Chesterfield Rock. Together they have a collection of over sixty original songs, a passion for music and a unique pop/rock sound that appeals to all ages.

Their first performance was in August 2004 and since then their accomplishments have been noteworthy. Some highlights to date include representing Saskatchewan in the National X'treme Band Slam at Canadian Music Week; sharing the stage with Wide Mouth Mason; opening for Juno nominated performer Brad Johner; performing on the main stage at the 2005 Canada Summer Games and being selected as a finalist in the Saskatchewan Star Search competition.

The band has also been featured on Good Morning Canada; CHAB 800 AM Saskatchewan Spotlight; Magic 98.3 FM Saska-Tunes; Access Communications E-Clips and CBC Radio. Their music has received airplay on other local radio stations as well. Chesterfield Rock's performance of 'As The Story Goes' has also been featured on the teen television drama Renegade Press.

In addition, singer/songwriter Josh Giambattista, the creative force behind much of CFRs music, was selected as a Regional winner in the Canadian Radiostar contest. Winning this all expenses paid trip gave Josh the opportunity to perform at the International Songwriters Festival in Toronto.

The bands' first CD, 'all good things' was recorded live in December of 2004 by Xen Gargatzidis. Then having the privilege of working with renowned musician/producer David j. Taylor they released their first studio album 'without wax' in October 2005. Thanks to Rawlco Radio and their 10K20 Saskatchewan Project, Chesterfield Rock has just completed recording their second full-length album which is scheduled to be early 2007.


As The Story Goes*

Written By: Josh Giambattista

Tired of waking hands,
tired of the same old plans again (same old plans again)
You lie and you’re awake,
but something deep inside feels wrong (no one told you this was wrong)

Stand outside and feel
the need to make this all make sense (when will we both make some sense)
I stretched my hands too far,
I'm caught beside the moving cars (caught beside the moving cars)

Only in the plans, we can come to see
cause I can learn from you, If you can learn from me.
As the story goes
all the people watching know, all the people watching know.

I take it back to you,
but everything's so paper thin, why are you so paper thin?
If this is what you call, call feeling what you feel
Well feel right, I wish I could not feel.


I hope that your ok
I hope that your ok
I'm tired of sittin’ round waiting for the day
I hope that your ok

Chorus X2

copyright 2005 SOCAN all rights reserved

Leaving On A Train*

Written By: Carter Kolbeck

Don’t throw your wishes away
Cause that - well just makes ‘em
swell and then they’re-lost

Try to reach down far enough
As far as your hand can you’ll
still be outta luck

I’m looking back at you
Just like they used to do
In those old time movies when they’re
Leaving on a train

I don’t think that lips can fix this
Cause it’s more complicated than a
Kiss or heart to heart

I heard you had a beautiful smile
But I didn’t care to see just in case
It wasn’t for me

And now I finally know what’s missing
Just in time for me to know
That it’s really much too late


And babe you made me
Look so small you
Held yourself so high
That when I looked
All I got was sky

They packed their bags
With their best intentions and
Waved them off good-bye
But the wives all cried
And the babies still smiled


*copyright 2006 SOCAN all rights reserved

Hold Your Own*

Written By: Josh Giambattista

I’m in love with the way you hold your own
I’m in love with your heart and with your bones
And I don’t know, I don’t know
The time or place we've ever got to go
You're still alone, still alone,
But you hold your own

The first time I saw you in the evening
It was cold and I felt your heavy breathing
Then it rained, such a downpour
You could feel the crowded Sunday uproar
You're still alone, still alone
But you hold your own

There’s a hundred fireflies at your window
And the glow disengages all your sorrow
So then you danced with hope and glory
While the world was still in bitter mourning
And I don’t know, I don’t know
How you hold your own

The summer glory has got me
Where I’d never think to be
You held your own
Through the fall and snow
And emerged so safe and free

The autumn sandman has shown me
What I'd never think to see
Broken leaves
On the cracked old trees
Keep you far away from me

Inside these lapses of movement
In a silence so serene
There I think of you
And the seasons who
Fill the distant in between

But don't ever get discouraged
Don't ever sink to deep
You held your own
Through the fall and snow
And emerged so safe and free

You emerged so without me…

*copyright 2006 SOCAN all rights reserved


Chesterfield Rock - 'all good things EP' (live) - December 2004
Chesterfield Rock - 'without wax' - October 2005