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Bringin the EAST COAST BACK! CHESTER GREEN! two of the hottest underground MCs with two of the best new producers in the Northeast, all under 25 years of age. Bridging the gap between white and black, massachusetts and new york. Blake C and Young Hii- rap's finest


The group was assembled with the coincidental meeting of Young Hii and Blake C on the campus of Wesleyan University. The two decided to combine their talents and form CHESTER GREEN, not just a group... but a movement intent on bringing two impeccable rappers, one white and one black, to the forefront of bringin the east coast back.

Young Hii was Born in the heart of NYC and currently resides in the Bronx. At 22, the Chester of Chester Green is simply a sure talent to see on stage and to hear recorded. His outstanding creativity and outrageous punchlines come from a life where his mother encouraged him to think outside the confines of the hood he lives in.
Young Hii has been known to be quite versatile in his abilities. He can rap, act, or sing alongside any of today's great industry talents and has improved on each individual skill vastly since the beginning of the Chester Green Project.

The practice in performing started at an early age for Fly Hii,(whose aliases include JR, King Kong the Don, GG the Beautiful,and Marty McFLY)he was an athlete in high school as well as a performing arts student. His influences include Nas, Cool G Rap, Jay Z, Tupac, Slick Rick, OutKast, B.I.G. and many more.

Blake C grew up in a mixed atmosphere in the cross cultural area of Central Massachusetts. He was born in Fitchburg MA, a small city in North Central Massachusetts, where he went to elementary school. After being expelled from a private elementary school in Fitchburg, his mother moved him to Leominster MA, an ajoining city where she worked in the school system. BC was a phenomenal athlete at Leominster High school, which allowed him to experience the joy of successful performance, and gave him the desire to use other outlets, besides sports, to persue his goal of excellence in the spotlight. Later, he found his first passion for songwriting and performing in small freestyle battles in his area.

Blake's presence on the mic is unmatched, his repetitive syllable rhyme style can be sped up or slowed down to energize or smooth out any occasion. He is a scholar on and off the mic and is known for his professionalism. His influences include BIG, Tupac, Big L, Eminem, Big PUN, Gang Starr, DAS EFX, JAY-Z, and Outkast to name a few.

-Tallen Todorovich
Wesleyan University Argus


Chester Green is made up of two rappers, Blake C and Young Hii. The two have combined their unique styles to form an intense, lyrically superior version of hip hop that has slowly gained the recognition of the rap community in the last year. BC is from the 978, (an area in central MA) where the hip hop game is dying for a star to pop up, and without it... soon to be just Dying. Hii is originally from the Bronx, and has experienced the opposite, living in an area where Rap Stars come a dime a dozen. But Fly Hii (as he is also known) and Blake C of Chester Green have continually proven that they can rise above the stagnant, repetitive nature of today's average hip hop radio jam by recording 35+ quality songs in their first year together with no deal, no manager and no budget. These songs range from club jams like "Will it Jump" and "Do Ya thing" to intense gettin' money tracks like "doin the Damn thing" and more exclusives that you all won't hear unless you see them live!! (or cop a mixtape) These two have a gigantic repertoire of topics in their collection. Slow methodical songs that could remind you of a twista or bone thugs to metaphor heavy, lyric based songs like "Flip It" that are unique from anyone Rap has seen before. SO PLEASE DONT SLEEP ON THESE GUYS... and just when you think you have them pinned down to one style or another you will undoubtedly be surprised as they do a song with a message and a passion in their voices that makes you forget the intensity and savagery of the song before it. In the process, C Green has mainly utilized the production of the 978's own DJ Jemaine, and examples of their collaborations with him can be seen on songs such as "Light Em Up" and "Crooked in the Car". They have also worked with NY's Tommie Sox, Marc "Troubadour" Arena, MMG star Brandon Beal and MA's Pete Beatz. The combination of MA and NY along with the social impact of a group made up of a white and a black rapper allow Chester Green to represent themselves as the new wave of quality hip hop entertainment that crosses social boundaries and pushes hip hop back into the forefront of innovative music. These guys are the whole package; style, musical quality, consistency, variety, appearance, professionalism, work ethic, and they are both very well prepared for the spotlight. Do Yourself A Favor and Catch One of their Shows...Seriously. If You Like Hip Hop- YOU WILL Love these Guys, NO doubt . They are constantly Climbin on Speakers, Smashin Microphones, dancing in the crowd while rapping on the mic, and they get the message across while doing so. if you DONT like Hip Hop- there is a very good chance their m


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we typically go anywhere from 20-35 minutes. However we have over an hour of material with 30+ songs.
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Doin the Damn Thing
I Love The Dough
light em up
need to do
will it jump?
crooked in the car
do ya thing
Bigger THInGs

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