Chester Hill

Chester Hill


Good songs sung well, plain and simple. Chester Hill embraces the community values of the folk tradition, combining storytelling with melody. Songwriter Scott Lamps (whose recordings have sold more than 10,000 copies) collaborates with Ida Jo, violinist and vocalist with deep folk roots.


Proud of their midwestern heritage, CHESTER HILL, embraces the integrity, honesty, humility and community of the folk tradition. They are no strangers to the hard work and simple beauty they sing about.
Scott Lamps and Ida Jo are both lifelong musicians of individual success who have teamed up to pursue the folk ideals of simplicity, joy and beauty in music. To their credits are more than 10,000 records sold and performances with the likes of Nickel Creek, Alison
Krauss, Ani Difranco and Dar Williams.



Written By: Scott Lamps

If I wanna be someone else
I'd move out to LA
I would rather be myself
Growing old where I was raised

Midwestern USA

Church on Sunday
Friday fish fry
Evenings on the porch
Every morning go for a drive
The daily news report
When I lift my finger from
The steering wheel I'm saying hi
I was never one to waste a word

Those Days

Written By: Scott Lamps

When I am lonely
I sing a song
About tomorrow
When I weary
I sing a song
To take away my pain
It's only those days

When I struggle
I sing a song
About the old days
When I lie awake
I sing a song
to easy my whirring mind
It's only those days

When I fall and I need to pick my self back up
When I fall I need a sinner to be my friend
Because I'm a sinner
I need a sinner to be my friend

It's only those days

When I am lonely I sing a song
About tomorrow

Set List

Those Days
Let It Rain
Highway Song
Where Are You Now
Hawk To A Window
No Sleep Tonight

Angel From Montgomery
Lose Some Time
That's the Way That the World Goes Round