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Castellar, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Castellar, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
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„10” (Cavernicola Records, 2012)
„Cavernicola Recordings Vol.1” (Cavernícola Records, 2010, inofficial)
„Tudo É Possible“ (Kasba Music / Cavernícola Records, 2009)
„Mirando el mundo al revés“ (K-Industria, 2007)
„Alerta Bihotza“ (K-Industria, 2005)
„Trippie Town“ (K-Industria, 2003)

+ various benefic compilations and collaborations



CHE SUDAKA has a history that is far from common in todays music scene. In the ten years since they formed on 15 March 2002, its five members, from Argentina and Columbia, have not just influenced a whole new generation of musicians from around the world, they have also won the admiration and respect of the musicians who influenced them in the first place: Tudo Possible!

CHE SUDAKA are unstoppable. The figures speak for themselves: more than a thousand concerts (!) in 25 countries on four continents, five official studio albums as well as one compilation of B-sides and several collaborations in charity compilations and records by musician friends.

The radio and television broadcasts of their shows at festivals, the enthusiastic write-ups of their concerts, the reviews of their albums in the international press and the constant word of mouth, as well as their increasing presence in blogs and social networks such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, are proof of their unflagging energy, although the CHE SUDAKA energy is best experienced live on stage, where it radiates in all its force. Meanwhile, their friendships with international groups and artists, their closeness to their fans and their solidarity with social movements in several countries have made CHE SUDAKA a node in the network of globalised cultures.

Anyone who sees CHE SUDAKA live, whether it be in concert, in an interview or a spontaneous backstage jam session, will quickly see that they are more than just a band. CHE SUDAKA is an attitude, a philosophy, a way of life. It is a blind faith in the dignified, decent path as human beings and as musicians. It is creativity, discipline and hard work with loads of positive energy and the unifying power of the heart. CHE SUDAKA is the community that uses the universal language of music to re-establish the connections between people and cultures, which are under threat from politicians and media manipulation.

It sounds crazy and it is! The CHE SUDAKA fan community crosses all boundaries: metalheads dancing Columbian cumbia, punks going hard to rumba catalana, young hip-hoppers grooving to the sounds of ska and reggae, jazz veterans abandoning themselves to pogo
A CHE SUDAKA concert is more than a concert. With their fiestas populares these hyperactive lads inject their audiences with an infectious dose of energy, and grateful fans return it to them stronger than ever. This symbiotic feedback has worked in Spain, Turkey and Sweden as much as Argentina and Japan.

Their fourth album TUDO POSSIBLE, released in October 2009, reached number 15 on the European World Music Charts, and Spains most important music magazine, Mondo Sonoro, voted it fifth best Spanish World Music record for 2009. In July 2010, the Unin Fonogrfica Independiente (UFI) named TUDO POSSIBLE Best World Music record for 2010.

Their latest record, released in early 2012, is simply entitled 10 in reference to the anniversary of the group. It is their first totally self-produced album released on their own record label CAVERNICOLA RECORDS. With this brave step, CHE SUDAKA embarks on a new stage (La vida empieza otra vz!) and continues its journey as an independent group.

In Autumn 2012 the band will finally release its first official Live-CD, a bridge between their studio tracks and live versions. It will be accompanied by a DVD offering fans unreleased live footage of the band.

Like every other year since they began, 2013 is set to be special for CHE SUDAKA. A group that has been on tour almost non-stop for ten years, that knows the audiences and the most important musicians in every country and every city, and that also supports many cultural projects, must have a whole lot of stories to tell. And when this group is made up of people who left their countries of origin and decided to start from scratch in another continent, with nothing, not even residency papers, and ended up playing in a new group, then theres bound to be more than enough material for a film script

The film will have to wait, but in 2013 another old dream will finally come true: the release of a multimedia book that sums up ten years of CHE SUDAKA and their most important anecdotes. It will be a fun behind-the-scenes look at the projects, trips, meetings and activities that mainstream audiences have missed out on. Because theres absolutely no doubt that CHE SUDAKA is a goldmine of experiences, as loyal followers of the tour diaries on their website already know.

CHE SUDAKA forever! The Argentinean and Columbian musicians who arrived in Barcelona around 2000 have won the acclaim of audiences and the music industry around the world, and have become famous as one of the craziest and highest-energy bands on the planet. CHE SUDAKA is a success story that radiates good vibes through and through!