Chet Doxas Quartet

Chet Doxas Quartet


The Chet Doxas Quatet blends elements of Jazz,Indie-Rock, and contemporary classical music to create a highly interactive musical experience. The group is currently scheduled to perform alongside the Wayne Shorter Quartet at this year’s Montreal Jazz Festival and will be touring Europe this Fall.


"The level of young musicians today is often surprisingly high, but the tenor saxophonist Chet Doxas is a real phenomenon, when it comes to both improvisation and composition...." All About Jazz
The Chet Doxas Quartet is an exciting blend of Jazz and indie-rock. The main focus of the group is to produce a sound that is highly interactive between the group and it’s audience. It’s members, Chet Doxas, saxophone, John Roney, piano, Zack Lober, Bass, and Jim Doxas on drums, can be found performing in many different settings outside the group. This versatility helps to bring fresh ideas into the band. The group has also benefited from the close personal ties that each member has which each other. Most of the group has been playing together since high school. Since then, the group and it’s members have had the opportunity to perform all over the world with many exceptional artists such as, Dave Douglas, Rufus Wainwright, Joe Lovano, Ranee Lee, and Oliver Jones, among many others.


Sidewalk Etiquette (JTR 8516-2)
- Justin Time Records 2006

ByProduct (BYP 001)
- Fusion III 2002

Much of the CD "Sidewalk Etiquette" has been getting alot of airplay over the radio and internet.

Set List

Sidewalk Etiquette - 7mins
Nouveau Brit (tribute to Radiohead) - 5mins
Orchids - 6mins
Rite Shoe - 8 mins
Unsung - 10mins
Long for Shorter - 7mins
Our sets are usually 45mins-1hr and if do perform any covers they are usually arrangements of modern jazz classics.