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Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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WHAT A MESS!!! (2004)
HOW COULD U NOT!! (2005)
REGRET THE DAY... (2005)
OFF THE FLOOR!! (2006)
LITTLE MISS PERFECT... (2006) currently recording

The above songs will all be included in my upcoming album which is still a work in progress. Half way there. Very Exciting!!

No airplay at present but i'm looking into it as well as chasing a publishing contract, management or whatever else i need to make it in the industry and finally get my music out there!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


I write my songs straight from the heart, telling stories we've all lived and expressing the emotions we've all felt.

My songs swing kinda country with pop and folk influence. (More recently considered "acoustic pop rock with country influence" but thats still pretty broad..) From either raw acoustic to heavily produced tunes, you will one way or another experience what a melodic hook really is when the lyrics of my songs play through your head ALL day long!!

What a Mess!! and Without Notice.. were entered into Starburst 2005 Soundcheck competition and were both ranked in the top 20 out of 438 other talented entries!!


I'm a 22yr old university graduate & now flight attendant, who stumbled across the fact that i had an interest in music, (especially songwriting) after i spent 11 years pursuing a career as a Japanese interpreter. Not even a day after i finished my degree, my mind was itching to explore something new. I started to write dozens of lyrics and became totallly involved in music anyway i could. I made a random decision one morning to buy a guitar, and thats what i did. At the time i had no idea how to play it but looking back on it now, it was the best decision i've ever made. I now also have a hot pink electric guitar (love it!!) and amp. Who would have thought i had it in me....

My guitar gives me another way of expressing my lyrics and melody and inspires me when i need it most. I'm the first to admit that i'm not the BEST guitar player in the world, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Playing and writing music for me is my way of escaping from the world and being someone else. Actors play different people in movies etc, and when i write and sing i too try to express the lyrics and emotions of each song as if they were the same emotions that i was feeling.

Lets face it, there are only so many times one person can be heartbroken... I like to write songs that other people can relate to, and not just my own personal experiences.

A few of my songs have been entered into online competitions, but besides that i still haven't had a major break into the industry. I have a few artists in mind to sing some of my songs, and would of course love a publishing deal, but at the moment i'm happy just being in the recording studio and making them all come to life. To touch just one person with my songs is a good enough reason for me to keep doing whatever it is i'm doing.


IF you have a few falls, brush yourself off and try again. The only person that holds you back is yourself. I'm going to give it my everything and thats the best i can do, if it never works out then i haven't really lost anything, but if i never try then i'll always be wondering!

A Big thanx to :-

Bignote Productions - Jennifer & Paul Harris for being a great team to work with on recording my songs. They are the most talented team i know and go out of there way to help me however they can! Did i mention how GOOD they are!! My songs wouldn't be what they are without their creative input and PAUL'S amazing guitar playing and string lines and JEN'S super BV ideas!!

My vocal coach, the lovely Dinah Williams for always knowing exactly what i want and giving me the inspiration to achieve whatever it is i hope for the music industry. She has been with me all the way and has helped to guide me musically to where i am today!!

My extremely patient Guitar teacher, Ram Sefar for letting me go off on a tangent every week and ask a million annoying questions that have NOTHING to do with what he is trying to teach me. And i must say a big THANX 4 not taking out my little finger picking moments that i've become extremely attached to!! :)

My piano teacher Teruko Iwasaki, who is the sweetest teacher ever. She never complains when my brain has a breakdown and can no longer comprehend a single note she is trying to explain. Instead she lets me potter along until i finally grasp what should have been the easiest thing to understand! HEY i'm Blonde!! What more can i say ;)

MOST OF ALL my family! My MUM and SISTER who have the most belief in me out of any one in the whole world! Two people who have been with me through everything and will stand by my side right til the end. If i didn't have them, i wouldn't be me!

Gotta love the girls, you all know who you are!! Natalie especially i know you'd be there for me in an instant and i love you for it!! Trudy, Amy, Ella, Naomi, Sophie, Alesha, Alicia and all the rest, i really am so glad that i met you girls, i've had some great times with you all and can't wait to share more with you in the future!! xo

And my previous darling work collegues who put up with me 9hrs a day almost 5 days a week. You guys know me more than anyone else!! thanx for always listening and picking me up when things got me down!!

Hugs and kisses to you ALL xoxox