Chet Vincent

Chet Vincent


I am Chet Vincent, a folk/alt. country singer songwriter now playing solo and also with the backing band "The Big Bend." My sound, both solo and with the Big Bend, is reminiscent of early american rock and folk-rock roots. As a songwriter, I pride myself on craft and thoughtful, evocative lyrics.


The partnership between myself and The Big Bend began in the fall of 2007, when my old backing band "The Wakes" broke up as I ended my college career. I came back to Pittsburgh, and in need of a new group I was lucky to find these musicians I used to play with before school.

Our influences are 60's and 70's folk, folk-rock, and Americana. I believe our songwriting and musicianship sets us apart from other bands -- but in case people aren't impressed by that, we also dress like cowboys when we play.


"The Wakes" - A full length album
"Desert Gold EP" - A short acoustic EP

Set List

Typical set length -- 45-60 minutes

Typical Set List:
Turning Turk, The Sun and the Gun Smoke, The Last Night with Marie, Coffee and Champagne, All For Lona Lee, 60 Hours, Talisman, Whirlwind, Right Now, Silk Rails Steel Tracks

We also cover Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and Bob Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings," among a few others