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Cheyanne Cannon

 Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

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Love Me Now

Written By: Louise Blount

Love Me Now

Words by Louise Blount

Tomorrows are never promised
Yesterday is long gone
All we have is the right now
From this second on

Don’t want us to be a could have been
A maybe just won’t do
If you promise that you’ll love me
That won’t make it true.

Love me now
Before it’s too late
Don’t want to close my eyes
Without your face inside
Love me now
Just in case
It becomes our fate
And it is too late

Love me now
Right now

You are all that I need
Who could ask for more?
Let’s take one day at a time
But you’re what I’m looking for

If I don’t wake up another day
There’s one thing that you should know
That I left with a vision of you
Before I had to go

There’s no way we can tell
When our time is up
And I don’t want to leave this earth
Without your love

Copyright ©2009 LOUISE BLOUNT