Cheyenne is a 4 piece rock and roll band from Brooklyn. Their latest effort is The Whale, was released in December, 2007.


Cheyenne is the indie rock brainchild of Beau Jennings, a former architect who launched the band as a lo-fi side project in 2003. Enlisting the help of his friends (and fellow Oklahoma residents) in Ester Drang, Jennings crafted his first batch of bedroom pop songs and released the intimate You Talk Like You've Seen a Ghost EP in 2003. The full-length I Am Haunted, I Am Alive followed in 2005, and its mix of layered instrumentation and mature, melancholic songwriting resulted in several festival appearances and regional touring. Jennings responded to his increased audience by packing up his instruments in 2006 and relocating to Brooklyn, where he replaced his revolving cast of backing musicians with a solid, permanent band. Now compromising guitarist Josh Harper, drummer Heath Fisher, bassist Ben King, and Jennings, the revised lineup issued The Land Rush EP in June 2007. Cheyenne's second full-length album, The Whale, followed in December.

- All Music Guide


The Whale LP
The Land Rush EP
Prodigal Sons 7"
I Am Haunted, I Am Alive LP
You Talk Like You've Seen A Ghost EP
The Pet Series Compilation Vol. 3