Folkestone, England, GBR


Cheyenne was formed in 2004 to create a dynamic combination that has fashioned a fresh, modern duo drawing on a wealth of popular Contemporary Country Music by top male and female artists. Angie Donovan met Ky Rivers and two worlds collided. The sparks have been flying ever since! Their lively and varied repertoire is proving to be loved by each and every audience they perform to; Country & Western, Line Dance and even Mainstream.

Angie, born in the North East, was weaned from a small child on a diet of Irish and Traditional Country Music. She grew up with the love of music deep in her soul which shines through when she sings on stage. Moving back to Ireland with her family while still young and then later back to the UK, settling in London proved to give her a wander-lust that prevails even to this day. After winning a number of singing talent competitions she soon became sought after by local bands and as a session singer in some of the top studios such as Trident.
Ky, born and bred in South East London, had more of an early appetite for Rock and Blues Music in his younger days and began his music career as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist, later switching to bass guitar and joining legendary Rock ‘n` Blues cult band Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts. The band toured extensively on the live music circuit around the UK and enjoyed a number of major band support tours and a spot at Reading Festival.
Ky and Angie’s paths finally crossed when they auditioned ‘each other` in a band and they got more than they bargained for. They discovered they were soul-mates. One wedding and three children later it was time to get the music project back on track! Angie had introduced Ky to the world of New Country Music and their shared passion to get out and perform it couldn’t wait any longer. By this time they had lived back in Ireland, South East Coast of England and Spain (remember the wander-lust?). “We were a little apprehensive about how this style of music would be received by international holiday makers”, Angie recalls. “Every artiste was doing the same old middle-of-the-road set”. “We’re proud to say that we stuck to our guns and were delighted to find that our set was an instant crowd pleaser”, added Ky. “We had a great time playing in the music bars and hotels around the Canary Islands”. “We think that country music has always had a bad deal in the UK. Most people like it without even realising and our mission is to help break down the barriers and spread the word.”
Homesick once again, the roving duo have returned back to Angie’s roots in the North East where they are now making a good impression at every venue they play and are rapidly building a great reputation as an exciting new act on the Country Music Scene. A set filled with modern country classics, from emotional heart-felt ballads to energetic raunchy rockers and everything in between ensures that there is something for everyone.
Giving a genuinely warm and down-to-earth performance, Angie’s vocals are a pure country delight and her bubbly personality is infectious. There is an incredible on-stage chemistry between her and vocalist hubby, Ky, who switches between electric and acoustic guitars. It’s kind of raw and polished at the same time; refreshing and intense, strong on great harmonies with some inventive duet versions of familiar songs. Always fun, always entertaining and equally appealing to dancers and those who just like to sit and appreciate the music. Sometimes, if the mood is right they go into an impromptu ‘unplugged` spot which becomes one of the highlights of the set.
Along with their regular shows an acclaimed Shania Twain Tribute is also in very high demand.


Feb 2012
1. Don't Drink The Water
2. Today I Started Loving You Again (duet)
3. Two More Bottles Of Wine
4. Daddy's Money
5. More Like Her
6. Clouds
7. We Owned The Night
8. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
9. Every Little Thing
10. Tomorrow
11. Just A Kiss (duet)
12. Wink
13. Let 'er Rip
14. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (duet)
15. Any Man Of Mine