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Folkestone, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Folkestone, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Duo Country Singer/Songwriter


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"The Norfolk Country Music Festival"

The Saturday kicked off with CHEYENNE who are new to this area but I have no doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of! Linedance clubs who want a new act can relax when booking Angie and Ky as they know what's needed to keep the floor full, but also can do good country sets for straight country clubs or mixed clubs (they've been doing country for a long time but for a lot of that time they were abroad). At festivals it's all too easy for bands to just do their regular sets with all the songs popular at the moment thrown in, not thinking at all about the fact everyone else is also going to be doing those songs which, from an audience point of view becomes a bit of a treadmill after the first few sets, but Cheyenne never fell into that trap - by a mile!

Cheyennes' second set opened with Galway Girl and went through a set that was very linedance friendly as was apparent by the packed floor - encoring with; I Like It, I Love It - Southern Country Magazine

"Tribute To Copycats"

GIG GUIDE - Living Lanzarote
by John Eaton

I thought I'd take a look at some of the island's tribute acts this month. There's a wide range of look-a-like, sound-a-like performers on the island from Elton John to Robbie Williams - and although not everyone's cup of tea, they've become very popular with tourists. The better acts offer genuinely top-notch entertainment.

Shania Twain Tribute
Sunburnt Arms, Costa Teguise
Saturday (10pm)

Angela is the best Shania Tribute I have seen. She has a great voice, range and delivers the songs with style. Her costumes are impressive; adding to the visual entertainment so the overall effect of the show is very professional.

The bar has a cracking stage, controlled by Mark. This makes the artists able to concentrate on the show; a nice additional touch. The bar has tribute shows six nights a week with Thursday kept free for a jam night where all musicians are welcome.

April 2006 - Lanzarote Gazette

"Western Ave CMC"

A big apology goes out to all the acts who played at Western Ave during November. I missed the deadline for the write ups....(end of term!).
During November, we had some superb acts! CHEYENNE DUO are absolutely fantastic! Angela and Ky have just come back from Spain and if you haven’t seen them they’re a must. Ky is a great guitarist with a lovely voice and Angie has a fabulous voice. They sang some classic country songs, the ones you don’t hear much now but love! These included My Baby Loves Me, I’m Outta Here and Please Remember Me. Great night!
- Becky - Southern Country Magazine (February 2010 Issue 372 p.74)

"BlueNickle Report For 6th February."

Making their first appearance at the club tonight a duo called “Cheyenne” consisting of “Ky” and “Angie” who until recently have spent a few years entertaining in Spain originally from down south in the London area and now living in Lincolnshire.
What a very pleasant couple they are too very smart appearance and presence on stage.
Kicking off the first set with “Any Man Of Mine” “I Feel Lucky” “Wink” “What About Now” all following on in quick succession and having the dancers quickly onto the floor.

Wow can this girl sing beautiful clear diction and really has a great country voice and her partner “Ky” sure can sing also and they have great harmonies in their duets blending well with each other really enjoying themselves on stage. The backing tracks on the first set were a little too loud but this was sorted out by the time the second set started.
What also was enjoyed by the audience were the songs that we don’t hear usually and it was mentioned in conversation I overheard by people in the audience.
It is so refreshing to hear country songs that are not in the normal run you hear on the local circuit performed with such polish too.
The first set ended with “I Told You So” “Boyfriend” and “Better Things To Do” with a big round of applause from the floor.
Raffle tickets and Fiftyfifty were sold and various cups of coffee and tea were partaken (take note Tony)of then the gig list for the following week was read.

Time for the second set with a change of clothes looking very smart and kicking off with “Galway Girl” “She’s In Love With The Boy” “Strawberry Wine” “Mockingbird” to name but a few which of course had the dance floor full .. “Angie” actually was surprised how the dancers were able to dance to any of the songs with different dances each time. I think that both line and partner dancers were well catered for by the look of the floor being full for each song.
This set ended with “Redneck Girl” which Angie said was her in real life.
Door draw and Raffle were drawn and soon time for the 3rd and final set which opened with another change of clothes “Suds In The Bucket” “Toes In The Water” and “Jessie James” followed by a brilliant performance of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” then “Amazed” with great harmonizing from Ky.
I won’t mention all the songs they sang but just to say what a great act “Cheyenne” are, polished and with great stage presence so if you see them advertised to appear any where and have the chance to see them don’t hesitate they are well worth the visit and for those club organisers who want to book a good act I can certainly recommend them.
Next BlueNickle night is February 20th and artist appearing is “Chris Raddings” - Laurie Mosley

"Viking Party 2009"

16th to the 18th October - The Last Viking Party Week-end 2009

'CHEYENNE' a Duo new to us here at the Viking having just returned from touring Spain. What a refreshing revelation. Singing numbers that had folk running for the dance floor, no-one was disappointed this evening. During both sets some numbers really stood out, the likes of "I Told You So", a great duet sung by Carrie Underwood/Randy Travis, the best I've heard sung by anyone here at the Viking and as for the several Shania Twain songs covered 'wow'. Others, the likes of "Amazed" as well as Gretchen Wilson's "Rebel Child". I own up to having embarrassed myself for not asking 'Cheyenne' their names. I for one want to see them again. Did they get an encore? Oh yes! Giving us a fine, "Be My Baby Tonight", before leaving the stage.... what a second night. It had to be rated as one of the very best middle nights of a party.... The curtain came down with Diamond Jack & Cheyenne taking centre stage giving us a rip roaring encore of a further six numbers...that had us begging for more. - Jacqui Peacock / Andy Davies - Southern Country Magazine (January 2010 Issue 371 p.74)

"So, you're Shania Twain?"

If tribute acts don't impress you much, it might be time to check out Angela - and you might find yourself changing your mind.

Londoner Angela (pictured bottom right) came to this part of the world after six years plying her trade with her husband in the bars of Spain and the Canary Islands.

"We started out in Lanzarote," she said, "and we only recently moved up here."

Angela and husband Ky have been playing together as a duo for years, but the Shania Twain act has taken over somewhat from the musical party for two that was known as Cheyenne.

"We've been performing together since the year dot," she said. "We played a lot of our own stuff, but there's a huge demand for tribute acts in the Canaries."

Of course, you know what you're going to get with Shania Twain - a sort of toe-tappin' Southern-US country rock Sweet Home Alabama-style of music.

It certainly pulls in the crowds - Angela has been kept busy since her return from the warm Atlantic air off the African coast.

Since she and Ky moved into the area, Angela has taken her Shania tribute act to the likes of Grimsby's Duke of Wellington and Immingham's Mayflower.

Last weekend, her boots were to be found under beds in Oxfordshire. And now, she is inviting people to come on over to The Countryman on Saturday, or to what is something of a first for her a day later.

"I'm doing my first ever afternoon gig at the new Casablanca on Sunday," she said.

Now, just in case you're wondering why someone would leave the sun, sea and sand of island life behind in favour of northern Lincolnshire's more changeable conditions, Angela has a word of warning.

It turns out island life is not forever and for always, as many people would think.

"They call it island fever," she laughed. "Many ex-pats find they want to come home after a while." - Grimsby Telegraph (23/0708)


Feb 2012
1. Don't Drink The Water
2. Today I Started Loving You Again (duet)
3. Two More Bottles Of Wine
4. Daddy's Money
5. More Like Her
6. Clouds
7. We Owned The Night
8. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
9. Every Little Thing
10. Tomorrow
11. Just A Kiss (duet)
12. Wink
13. Let 'er Rip
14. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (duet)
15. Any Man Of Mine



Cheyenne was formed in 2004 to create a dynamic combination that has fashioned a fresh, modern duo drawing on a wealth of popular Contemporary Country Music by top male and female artists. Angie Donovan met Ky Rivers and two worlds collided. The sparks have been flying ever since! Their lively and varied repertoire is proving to be loved by each and every audience they perform to; Country & Western, Line Dance and even Mainstream.

Angie, born in the North East, was weaned from a small child on a diet of Irish and Traditional Country Music. She grew up with the love of music deep in her soul which shines through when she sings on stage. Moving back to Ireland with her family while still young and then later back to the UK, settling in London proved to give her a wander-lust that prevails even to this day. After winning a number of singing talent competitions she soon became sought after by local bands and as a session singer in some of the top studios such as Trident.
Ky, born and bred in South East London, had more of an early appetite for Rock and Blues Music in his younger days and began his music career as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist, later switching to bass guitar and joining legendary Rock ‘n` Blues cult band Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts. The band toured extensively on the live music circuit around the UK and enjoyed a number of major band support tours and a spot at Reading Festival.
Ky and Angie’s paths finally crossed when they auditioned ‘each other` in a band and they got more than they bargained for. They discovered they were soul-mates. One wedding and three children later it was time to get the music project back on track! Angie had introduced Ky to the world of New Country Music and their shared passion to get out and perform it couldn’t wait any longer. By this time they had lived back in Ireland, South East Coast of England and Spain (remember the wander-lust?). “We were a little apprehensive about how this style of music would be received by international holiday makers”, Angie recalls. “Every artiste was doing the same old middle-of-the-road set”. “We’re proud to say that we stuck to our guns and were delighted to find that our set was an instant crowd pleaser”, added Ky. “We had a great time playing in the music bars and hotels around the Canary Islands”. “We think that country music has always had a bad deal in the UK. Most people like it without even realising and our mission is to help break down the barriers and spread the word.”
Homesick once again, the roving duo have returned back to Angie’s roots in the North East where they are now making a good impression at every venue they play and are rapidly building a great reputation as an exciting new act on the Country Music Scene. A set filled with modern country classics, from emotional heart-felt ballads to energetic raunchy rockers and everything in between ensures that there is something for everyone.
Giving a genuinely warm and down-to-earth performance, Angie’s vocals are a pure country delight and her bubbly personality is infectious. There is an incredible on-stage chemistry between her and vocalist hubby, Ky, who switches between electric and acoustic guitars. It’s kind of raw and polished at the same time; refreshing and intense, strong on great harmonies with some inventive duet versions of familiar songs. Always fun, always entertaining and equally appealing to dancers and those who just like to sit and appreciate the music. Sometimes, if the mood is right they go into an impromptu ‘unplugged` spot which becomes one of the highlights of the set.
Along with their regular shows an acclaimed Shania Twain Tribute is also in very high demand.

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